Updog Studio Grandstand Experience

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

[Fitness] Hi guys! If you have been following me in Facebook and Instagram, or have been popping by this space of mine recently, - you might have been seeing some pictures of me .. how do I say it .. literally up-side down. Like this.
So I guess its right about time for me to start writing a little on my current Yoga practice. I have been getting some questions with regards on how/where/who.what/with to start Yoga and although Im quite a beginner myself .. I just wanted to share my Yoga journey with you.
Actually I've written about how I got into Yoga here : http://elaine73.blogspot.sg/2013/02/a-healthy-start-to-new-year.html (Scroll til the end of the post)
If you wanna know why I got into Yoga ....
Yes. Me. 
That was about 2 years ago and while I didn't think I was that fat .. I did get snide remarks about looking pregnant (yes, really) so that really sparked off my desire to do something about my expanding waistline. I was pretty athletic back in school, being a sports enthusiast who did running and tennis. Coupled with a high metabolism when I was younger, I could eat anything and everything without gaining weight. My weight didn't fluctuate much even when I started working and when I was flying, my eating habits was bad coz I didn't have the time for proper meals and rest. I still managed to keep the weight off but it REALLY all changed when I quit my job and got married! Finally after 8 years, I had the luxury of having 3 proper meals a day (sometimes more, hehee), everyday! And I was no longer feeling the pressure to maintain my weight or fit into my kebaya. Hence ......... < see above picture >
Anyway I decided it was enough.
Enough of trying to find clothes that make me look thin, why dun I just be thin.
Why Yoga?
Before I started flying, I took yoga classes from the gym that I joined and have always loved how I felt after class. Then I got the job and as my flying schedule took up most of my time and days away from home, I couldnt find the time to practice yoga.  So since I was looking to pick up some form of exercise to lose weight, it was almost a no-brainer that I should pick up where I left off. 
Where do you practice Yoga?
Currently I practice at UpdogStudio, a Hot Yoga Boutique Studio that I chanced upon coz it was near my place in the East. There are so many yoga studios in Singapore so I recommend doing your homework and even personally dropping in for a class before you commit fully. At the same time, you have to listen to your heart and understand that you need to find a yoga studio that makes you feel at ease each time you head there for your practice. I have personally encountered pushy sales personnel who tries to get me to sign up for more and more classes but really, yoga shouldnt be this way
How much do you pay for your Yoga class?
Most yoga studios in Singapore charge a single "drop-in" class rate if you dun have an existing package. Personally, in the beginning I went for the 10 class package before deciding if I could stick to a proper yoga regime and soon, 10 classes run out pretty quickly so I took another 10 class package before committing to a 50 class package. By then I was incorporating yoga into my daily routine and after some consideration, I took up the Unlimited monthly deal as it was most cost-effective for me. You can take a look at the rates : http://www.updogstudio.com/#/memberships (Here)
Never feel that you should be pressurized into making a huge financial decision right after your first class! Take a class, go home and decide carefully. 
Is Yoga for Me?
The most frequent lament that I hear is ... "But Im not FLEXIBLE!"
Exactly. That's why you should start somewhere! Here's two great write-ups by one of my favorite sites - MindBodyGreen : http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-4455/8-Most-Common-Questions-from-Yoga-Beginners.html and http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-4493/Yoga-Is-for-Everyone-Even-If-Youre-Not-Perfect.html to help answer your doubts.
How to start doing Yoga
Ok! So now you've decided that you should try out a Yoga class or two. Great! 
But what should you do now?
Before you begin, you need to do some homework on your part - Most yoga studios hold different types of yoga classes and for most beginners, a Hatha or Vinyasa class will be most appropriate, depending on whether you want a slow or fast-paced class. I recommend doing this quick quiz from Yoga Journal : http://www.yogajournal.com/lifestyle/quizzes_and_tools/stylequiz
What to Bring 
On your first class, I recommend wearing something comfortable - perhaps a tank top with sports bra and stretchy cropped pants. Bring a water bottle or a small towel if you wish - most mats/yoga blocks & straps would normally be provided by the yoga studios but always check beforehand. In any case, you can always rent them when you are there. Some yoga studios also have shower stalls so do bring a change of clothes if you prefer to take a quick bath after class.
*Updog Studio provides mats/towels for free. There is also a water cooler for you to top up your water bottle, or you can always buy at bottle of mineral water at the counter. 
Yoga Etiquette
- Don't have a big meal right before class. 
If you feel peckish, have some fruit or a cup of yogurt.
- Do arrive early for class. 
Especially if its your first time! Its easier for you to feel at ease if you arrive at least 30 minutes before class so that you can register and get familiar with the studio.
- No mobile phones in class
I can't stress on this more! Please put your phones in the lockers and keep it in silent when you're in the studio. This is the only time you can detach yourself from the world and enjoy some time on your own. 
- Let the teacher know that its your first class
Don't be embarrassed, everyone started from somewhere. Even the teachers! Do also let them know if you have any injuries or concerns. 
- Try not to leave the class early
If the teacher dims the lights and asks you to lie in Savasana, enjoy the moment! 
Let your body fully absorb all the benefits of the yoga practice and if you really have to leave early, do it quietly and try not to disrupt the rest of the class.
Yenyoga has a lovely article on 5 Reasons Not to Skip Savasana : http://yenyoga.wordpress.com/2011/06/29/3-reasons-not-to-skip-savasana/ 
Updog Studio Grandstand Experience 
I have a group of blogger girlfriends and we call ourselves #FreakyFitness babes coz we all have a common interest in Fitness! Rachie & Carrie (www.thecambelles.com) does Muay Thai, while Karen (www.renzze.com) and Nadia (www.nadnut.com) both work out at the gym and myself., well, I do yoga! 
I frequent Updog Studio @ Big Splash usually, but I was dying to pop by their latest studio @ Grandstand! And once I knew that Grandstand was giving out free trial classes .. its a PERFECT chance to bring the rest of the #FreakyFitness babes along too!
It was a real eye-opener for the girls and I had great fun in class (as usual!) 
Do check out my video below if you wanna take a look at what we did that day at Updog Studio!
Hope you enjoyed the video and post!
Thank you Updog Studio for hosting my friends, thank you Betty and Miryam my wonderful Yoga teachers, and fellow Updogger yogis in class that day. Last but not least, a big thank you to my #FreakyFitness babes for the company! 
Take care!
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If you would like to sign up for a free trial class at Updog Studio Grandstand, do head to :
Updog Studio Website : http://www.updogstudio.com/
Updog Studio Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/UpdogStudio
Or Call 64680836 for schedule & enquiries. 

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  1. I love your sports bra! It's from Onzie right? Super lurve their things! :)

  2. Hi KS!
    Yes yes! Sharp eyes! Its the Skull bra top from Onzie. My fav yoga teacher gave it to me but she has since left Singapore. I wore it as an ode to her becoz she was the one who made my first yoga class at Updog most enjoyable :)


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