Lunch Date with Milly at White Rabbit

Monday, September 23, 2013

[Belated Birthday Pics + Girly Lunchie] One of the things that I love most is enjoying a good girly lunch with fellow girlfriends and idle away our afternoon. Yes .. its might sound extremely frivolous and superficial but I cannot justify how good it is for the SOUL! There are such I can't tell my husband coz he doesn't understand (like for example how women could go to the toilet in pairs, or how we need yet another pair of black heels.) So I just stop telling him stuff like that in case he gets more confused by this species more commonly known as 'women'. That's where girly lunches and hi-teas comes into great use becoz I can talk about any thing under the sun and my girl friends would nod their heads in unison and totally understand me. You know, like they get it.
It was my friend Milly's belated birthday luncheon so I suggested one of my regular haunts - The White Rabbit at Harding Road.
And oh .. if you're wondering why the name sound so familiar. Yes .. its the Milly from Milly's Hair & Nails! She's my current nail sponsor and we became friends soon after. Im very glad how blogging was paved the way to many opportunities and has enabled me to get to know so many lovely and wonderful friends. That alone, I will be forever grateful to.
The White Rabbit is a restored chapel turned restaurant.
I love the airy spacious feel of the dining area and how the sun light softly glows through the glass windows.
Its romantic when you come here for dinner at night, but if you're here in the afternoon - its just as awe-inspiring. 
Knick knacks around the restaurant induces colonial old charm, along with its original mosaic floor tiles from the chapel. 
The birthday girl and her little pressie from me :)
We took the set lunch menu along with a glass of bubbly 
Some pictures of our lunch selection and dishes 
We shared most of the dishes and I liked how well-cooked the seared scallops were. In addition, the foie gras was perfectly done and I enjoyed the sweet sour cherry compote that was drizzled over.
I had the Tagliatelle and it was al-dente, just the way I like it.
Milly had the Ravioli and they looked delicious too!
We had a lovely time chatting til they were closed for lunch and I have to say that although the food portions were rather small, the quality of the food was excellent as usual and the service polite and prompt. They graciously accommodated our request for a sofa seat and we had an enjoyable private corner to chat and enjoy our bubbly!
Right after lunch, we headed out to the private carpark and we decided to take a slow walk through the bar area at the back.
What a lovely afternoon it was!
As our theme for the date was girly ... I wore my favorite Rose Tutu dress from Clubcouture
(Quote ELAINE73 for 10% off all purchases)
Happy belated birthday love and hope u enjoyed the little lunchie!
And as girls .. being girls .... we went for more desserts!
And for me .. a nice cuppa coffee to end the lovely afternoon!
Close-up of my favorite ROSES!
Thanks for dropping by everyone! Have to run today and will be back soon! Catching up on my many backdated posts so thank you for being so patient :) Love! xoxo
Take care!
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  1. Talking about Milly's, I went there for hair extension after reading your post, but the china woman who served me was completely rude and did not do a good job as she was pretty disinterested. I went back to remove the extensions the next day. Waste my time and money :(

  2. Hello dear, Im so sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience. Can u email me at and let me know the details? Thank u so much.


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