Biscuit Bear Hello Kitty

Saturday, October 19, 2013

[Random Musings] Sometimes I go online and look at random cute Hello Kitty stuff , like most girls would.. (no meh..?) and just now I dunno how, but I came across THIS!
Apparently this is called the Biscuit Bear Hello Kitty and as you can see ... it has biscuits and cookies all over!!! Munch munch~!! 
I want this plush toy!!!!!!!
The more I google-ed about it, the more stuff I found!
This one is ~~~
The eye is WINKING de!! *****
Although there's very little information on Biscuit Bear Hello Kitty on the web .. I also found these
*pics from the web*
There's a standing doll too!
(But I prefer the sitting one)
I really like this series of Hello Kitty!
I love the pink and brown combination and although I've always like Hello Kitty, her original color is red and white and I dun particularly go for either red or white hehehe. If you want to know more about Hello Kitty and her family : Click here (if not do not enter! hahahahha)
So this is super LOVE laaaa!
I want to go Isetan Sanrio tomorrow morning after church to look for this!!!!!! 
Hahhahaha sorry for this super bo liao, waste-your-time-reading-this post! 
I love Hello Kitty!
Hope I find it tomorrow k!
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