Dinner at Brasserie Les Saveurs

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[Backdated Dinner Post] Once in awhile, the hubs and I will try out a nice restaurant that we have never been before and one evening out and about in town, we decided to book a seat at St. Regis's Brasserie Les Saveurs for a small intimate dinner.
Located at the ground floor of the St. Regis hotel, Brasserie Les Saveurs is a contemporary French restaurant in a decadent European setting, overlooking the hotel pool.
We decided to opt for the set menu which includes free-flow of the appetizer and dessert buffet.
My favorite starter from the buffet was this! The prawn cocktail was sweet and fresh, and wasnt doused in thousand island dressing - so it was a great way to start our lovely evening.
The sushi on the other hand was average, and not very memorable.
(And slightly out of place)
Cold cuts
It was a decent spread which also included Soup of the day!
We ordered a separate order of fresh oysters and they were rather good.
I like to take mine with some fresh lemon juice and just a sprinkle of mignonette sauce
Our entrees for the evening included a FILET DE BOEUF - grilled wagyu beef strip loin, onion soubise, ginger glazed carrots and truffle potato puree.
POITRINE DE PORC - a gently-simmered pork belly with cinnamon, served with potato and green pea mash, slow roasted tomatoes and natural jus. 
The servings here are HUGE! My hubs portion of the pork belly was heart-attack inducing and it was so soft and tender, the fat almost melts in your mouth! My wagyu beef was done perfectly medium (Im not exactly a fan of medium rare, although I usually order that in most establishments in case the chef overcooks my medium order) I also enjoyed the Truffle potato puree that came with my steak.
Soon it was dessert time!
Feeling rather full, I decided to have fruits instead of the rich chocolate pastries, although I did sneak in some chocolate fondue on my strawberries. I did share a piece of cake with the hubby but it wasn't exactly fantastic so I decided not to waste my calories and go for the dark chocolate (my favorite!) pralines instead. When in doubt, just go for chocolate.
We ended our lovely dinner with a nice hot cup of Mint tea to wash down all the desserts and aid in digestion! Haha!
I love the ambiance of the restaurant and its opulent decor was such a visual treat. I almost felt like was I transported to another world, with the great live jazz singing (the singer was so friendly too!) and a piano in the middle of the room. The service was efficient and not intrusive, and since the restaurant only had 3 tables that weekday, we did enjoy a nice quiet dinner. The highlight of the evening was when the chef personally came to each table and we had a great time making small talk! Its not often when the chef makes an effort to walk around his restaurant and I think that its paramount how a good chef should not only focus in the kitchen but also take a walk around the restaurant to interact with their customers. It feels good to put a face to the food that you are having. :)
Overall, I do feel that the Brasserie Les Saveurs is a perfect place for a special evening if you need some privacy with a special someone. 
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Stay pretty everyone, xoxoxo
Back soon!
Off to meet my girls for a Hello Kitty event! Excited, yo!
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