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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

[Launch] Hi everyone! Im in the midst of three posts (yes, really) but I really wanted to post this from my event yesterday because I really want to tell everyone that : 
And yes .. its newly-launched!
But first ... all the kitties in da house...!
My kitty girlies!
Wanna know what is it all about??
EZ-Link Pte Ltd unveiled My EZ-Link Online Shop : www.myezlink.com.sg , its first e-commerce venture featuring limited edition ez-link cards and fashionable ez-link memorabilia. EZ-Link kicks off the launch with the endearing Hello Kitty ez-link Card Series, starring the world-famous feline character.
And thank you EZ-Link for letting us catch the first glimpse!
Here's some of the designs that will be available progressively online and at selected Transitlink counters
The Hello Kitty ez-link Card Series comprises four Limited Edition Cards featuring famous sights and special occasions of Singapore in mesmerising etched and glitter printing effects, priced at S$19.90 each (including GST) and eight Classic Cards with specially curated images from Sanrio priced at S$14.90 each (including GST).
Each card is packaged in a bespoke Hello Kitty box with a nifty Sanrio Hello Kitty mobile screen cleaner.
Cannot resist snapping a picture of random Hello Kitty plushie lol
The Limited Edition ones look soooo pretty too! 
How about a Merlion Hello Kitty ez-link card!
Don't you just want to collect them ALL!
Now you can admire your EZ-Link card when you take it out from your wallet! Lololol
Had a fun time with my lovely friends at the event!
Took so many pictures at the gorgeous Bliss house cafe!
We are all KITTYssss!
Here's me in my Hello Kitty t-shirt lol, Verlyn, Karen, Xiaoxin and Herine!
Guess what this William and Herine doing 
Yes ..... Choosing props for PHOTO PRINT!
Thanks sweet Alethea for the pics ahahhaa I make her take for me sorry ah Aletha :p
The opening ceremony!
Lets LAUNCH it now!
The girls (L-R) Xiaoxin, Verlyn, Herine and Alethea
Happy dao (look at my face smile until)
We also played a game where we each guessed whose wallet belonged to the four guests based on their personality and hobbies! It was quite fun, actually!
In the end Sherraine won! Congrats babe! 
(She's such a sweet girl too! She'll be doing a Giveaway so head to her blog and join k!)
Thanks EZ-Link and here's my Hello Kitty EZ-Link card! 
The Hello Kitty Classic ez-link Cards will be launched first on 29 October 2013 on www.myezlink.com.sg and 4 designs will be exclusively available at selected TransitLink Ticket Offices. Starting in December 2013, the Hello Kitty Limited Edition ez-link Cards will be on sale on the online shop, with a new card being made available every two weeks.
To purchase, do head to :
My EZ-Link Website : www.myezlink.com.sg 
FaceBook Page : www.facebook.com/myezlink
In addition, to celebrate the e-shop launch, EZ-Link is holding a “Me & My Classic Cards” contest! Collect all eight Hello Kitty Classic ez-link designs and three winners will stand a chance to win a 30-inch giant Hello Kitty plushie. For more information, go to www.myezlink.com.sg or www.facebook.com/myezlink
Good luck!
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