Steamboat at Thien Kee Restaurant

Thursday, October 24, 2013

[Backdated Quickie Food Post] Hello everyone! Im so sorry for the lack of updates recently! Have you been following me on Instagram? This week was a whirlwind of cooking, yoga and meet-ups with pals! Im also currently working on another skincare review and will post it up once its done :)
Many moons ago I met my best friend for coffee while waiting for the hubs to knock off.
I make better coffee with my Nespresso machine
*Feel cheated*
Once we were done with coffee and catching up .. we headed to Thien Kee Restaurant at Golden Mile to meet our other friends for steamboat!
This is one of my favorite family style restaurants and I love the food here!!!
Thien Kee serves a mean Hainanese Chicken Rice and even the chili sauce is GOOOOD de lor!
Everytime we crave for a simple local style steamboat at affordable prices .. we head here!
I love to drizzle dark soya sauce all over a hot bowl of chicken rice!
The Hainanese Pork Chop is also served perfectly hot and crispy here.
We never forget to order satay here to share!
Its always a great meal at Thien Kee!
And ending off dinner with a trip to *ahem* "my country"  ........ 
Mango sticky rice at Golden Mile is TO-DIE-FOR!
What are your favorite Thai desserts?
p.s I love the Durian version although I end up polishing off the durian instead of rice hehehe
Back soon! 
Good night xoxoxo
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