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Friday, April 11, 2014

[Fashion] Well, hello everyone! 
While Im working on an all-new review post... I got soooo distracted recently with a current lemming that refuses to go away! 
Chanel Espadrilles
What are Espadrilles?
Espadrilles are casual flats, but sometimes they are also designed as high heeled shoes. Originating from the Pyrenees, they usually have a canvas or cotton fabric upper and a flexible sole made of rope or rubber material molded to look like rope. -- wiki source.
I particularly LOVEEEE these from Chanel! 
The Chanel CC Espadrille Flats are offered in different materials such as Leather, Mesh, Suede and Canvas. Espadrilles from Chanel were first introduced in 2012 and has grown to have a cult following ever since. 
I reckon the leather ones look really classy despite them being casual shoes but my heart is with the rugged canvas ones coz Im quite chor lor (rough) to begin with! And I think they suit me more! Actually I like BOTH! Hahaha!
Celebrities and Fashion Bloggers 
Here's Kourtney Kardashian with her white espadrilles. Its sucha easy breezy look.
They even match perfectly with slouchy jeans
Kendall Jenner's black leather pair works in her white/denim ensemble (But then again, she's so slim and pretty, she can wear a gunny sack and still look gorgeous)
My favorite Fashion Blogger, Chiara Ferragni goes print-lovely and bed hair.
Cocorosa is sweet and dainty with pink and nude is.. well, chic beyond belief.
Unfortunately, the last I checked they are sold out in my size locally~ boo. Im not really sure if these will last (salesperson says no touching water!) And I heard that the rope sole might come off due to wear and tear! I really dun think they are made for heavy walking, but they do look impossibly chic for something so casual. And a great alternative to regular ballet flats or slippers during hot summer days.
So, what do you think of these? :)
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  1. I used to love these and was hunting for them all over till one fateful day there was a pair of leather ones in my size. I slipped it on and decided its just not for me. To be honest, if you strip off the brand then it's a pair of shoe that many will not look at. Espadrilles been around for a very long time and I still remember how the older generations will shoot us off for wearing a pair of straw shoes due to superstition. I think the actual build quality is not impressive and even the leather feels thin and it doesn't feel good on the feet. Just my take on it..

  2. Hi anon :) i agree with uuu! It is a hyped up design, mainly due to the brand but i do feel tat it is rather well-made n neatly sitched. The only thing that bothered me is tat the rope part might wear off esp in contact with water! Horrors of horrors! Coz SG has been raining n its quite scary if I cant wear it when it rains!? *duhzzz*

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  4. I've had two pairs (one canvas and one leather) for a year and have not had any issues with them despite wearing them regularly in SG! Although I love the look of the leather more, I think the canvas pair is slightly more comfortable :)

  5. Hi Anon! I agree w u! I wanted to get e leather ones but alas it was forever out of stock. :( So i got e canvas ones when i got preggy n wanted something stylist n comfy. (Actually finding excuse to buy la haaaa) n they r quite comfy! I can walk for hours, not so bad :) but only thing is the sizing- im half size n they dun come in half sizes so my pair is a wee bit loose

  6. Hii, do you by any chance know the price of the canvas one in singapore ? I heard they are slightly cheaper than in msia, am thinking of getting it there in spore :)


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