Fabulous Shine Premium Grooming Review

Friday, April 04, 2014

[Car Grooming Review] Recently, I decided that my 5-coming-6 year old Blackie Baby needed some TLCC (Tender Loving Car Care) and where else should I head to???
Fabulous Shine Car Grooming Professionals
Located in the premises of Marina Country Club in Punggol, Fabulous Shine offers the most value for money and comprehensive polishing service making good the interior and exterior of your car.
Fabulous Shine offers a comprehensive list of car grooming services catered for any car, small or luxury - with a clear list of prices for each service. I like how transparent they are with their prices and how affordable the packages are.
Core Values and Motto
It was an absolute lovely day to be at Punggol Marina! It was raining for a couple of days before so today the sun was out. My car has not been groomed in quite awhile after my previous car grooming package got too expensive (and they, complacent) to maintain, so I was really looking forward to my Fabulous Shine experience. 
My Blackie Baby is (kinda) my life! I love it coz its my very first car after I got my licence so it is really very special to me. I chose it coz its small and cute, (yay to easy parallel parking haha) yet coz its in a shade of metallic black, I find its dark, mysterious and very edgy looking! LOL to praising my own car but its like a baby! And all parents find their own babies best-looking right lololol. *sheepish smile*
The kind experts at Fabulous Shine decided that all my baby needed was a PREMIUM GROOMING ( S$180) to clean the interior and exterior of the car, restore shine and lastly, a protective sealant will be given to provide a long-lasting shine and protection. 
(More details shortly)
Fabulous Shine Premium Grooming
My car's interior and exterior was dutifully cleaned and vacuumed. After which the grooming specialist applied a protective layer of conditioner on dashboard and door panels. 
My car tyres were so dirty, I felt kinda embarrassed! Haha!
Now they gleam!
Then its off to a body shampoo and washed thoroughly!
Wash, wash, wash away!
Jet spray
Blackie Baby is then moved to get a glossy wax protection to restore its shine!
Such meticulous work! 
I was just horsing around while Steven worked so hard! Sorry, dude ahaha! 
Threw in a yoga pose for fun!
I also took a quick walk around Fabulous Shine and hey, actually these decals are pretty cool! I like the skull one! So nice!
Did you also know that Marina Country Club is the only club opened to public? I took this opportunity to take a walk around the club and it brought back so many memories coz I used to come here to wakeboard all the time! Currently the club offers more recreational activities for the whole family like Deep sea fishing, Spa and massage services, Prawning areas and many tantalizing restaurants like the Punggol Seafood Restaurant!
After a quick drink at the club's bar, I walked back to Fabulous Shine and my car is almost done! Can't wait to see my baby's end results!
As a last step before finishing the grooming service, Blackie Baby's paintwork is sealed off with a protective sealant to provide a nice deep sheen and shine, along with providing a long-lasting protection to the exterior.
Finally ................
I love how its LOOKS!
The shine is incredible! Can see my clear reflection, hor!
Loved the outcome and how friendly everyone was! Thanks, Fabulous Shine! I really enjoyed this experience and I will definitely be back soon!
Fabulous Shine Car Grooming Packages :
Benefits of being a member: 
Member price: *Car wash + Vacuum @ $18,
Non-member price: *Car wash + Vacuum @ $48
*Note : The Fabulous Shine car specialists only use phosphate free shampoo, which reduces the damage to the car paintwork & the unique cleaning method also reduces scratches on the car. The combination of superior car washing shampoo & unique cleaning method render a more superior car wash. 
Fabulous Shine 
Marina Country Club, 600 Ponggol Seventeenth Ave, S(829734) 
*free parking for car wash
I had a great afternoon pampering my Blackie, hope u enjoyed the pictures too! 
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For more information, please 'Like' Fabulous Shine Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/fabushine

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