Black Box April Video Review

Monday, June 02, 2014

[Pics + Video Review] Hi guys! Im so sorry for being away ~ Its been a crazy week at home and I have so much stuff to settle before heading to Beijing this week so apologies for this really late post! I'll elaborate more when I find the chance to update, but in the meantime .. 
April Black Box Review
Do you know that subscription is FREE???
Singapore's first lifestyle kit providing a convenient product and brand experience. Every bi-monthly, BlackBox SG brings you 5 different products from the various leading independent labels without costing you a fraction of your penny. You will never know what you are going to get until it reaches your doorstep! How exciting!
I've reviewed previous Black Box-es like the Jane Iredale Edition : (Click Here), Beauty by Nature Edition : (Click Here) and another from April last year : (Click Here) But this time round, its a little DIFFERENT! I've also included a video review at the end of this post, so do scroll to the end, k!
Every bi-monthly Black Box SG aims to bring you several brands with different purposes in just ONE box! Subscribing to Black Box gives you access to ballot for your very own FREE sampling box. You will get updates on exclusive promotions, previews and deals on the latest lifestyle products and services, you can also purchase Exclusive Black Boxes that contain premium product samples. 
Whats in my April Black Box?
There are some full-size products along with some sample sizes so you can experience the product before buying it. I like how Black Box always try to arrange different brands and products so that you have a variety of items to use. For my April Black Box, there are hair, teeth, skincare and even sanitary napkins! What a range!
How does Black Box work?
All you have to do is subscribe to Black Box at and you get to indulge in a uniquely rewarding experience. The satisfaction begins and continues with every box! Subscription is free.
April Black Box Video Review
So this time round .. I did a video review! LOLOLOL at my screen shot *got thumbs up somemoreeee*
I really enjoyed trying out the products in my April Black Box and I like the idea of sampling brands before purchasing it! Being a girly girl, I am often enticed by new products/brands so to be able to try it before plonking my money down (and reducing the risk of buying something that is unsuitable) is perfect, la! In fact, I subscribed Black Box for my mum and she was like, Woah this is FREE?? Like she can't believe got such good deal ROFL.
Anyways! Do check out my video review below and I did it in one take so pardon my numbskull face here. Was very stoned becoz I think I just came back from Bangkok the night before. Tee hee! 
Do thumbs up and subscribe to the Black Box SG Youtube Channel (here) for more video reviews by my other sibeh chiobu beauty bloggers and upcoming new shows! Very exciting to be part of it all, thanks Black Box SG! xoxoxoxo
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Back soon! 
Need to repair my nails, coz do housework until nail broke, sob.
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This post is brought to you by Black Box SG. All opinions expressed are of the author's. 

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