Chanel Powerbank by MyDreamStory

Monday, June 23, 2014

[Review] Hello everyone! Happy Monday! 
Its a brand new start to the week and although I have a ton of stuff to do, but I just wanted to share my newest gadget here and its sooooo new ~ I've not even seen it elsewhere yet! 
Chanel Powerbank by MyDreamStory 
Powerbanks have been gaining popularity for some time now, especially since we are totally dependent on our gadgets and mobiles! Dun you think ts such a horror and a nightmare to see the two words that can instill fear in any self-respecting handphone addict ..... "LOW BATT"

Me #truestory 
Whats a Powerbank?
A powerbank is a small portable device used to charge your device on the go.
I got my first powerbank from MyDreamStory (Instagram : MyDreamStory2013, Email : and it was not just a normal looking boring powerbank.. its was a Hello Kitty one! (Previous post here : ) So imagine how excited I was when MyDreamStory said that they had new arrivals and its so new.. it's my first time seeing these!!!!
*NEW* Chanel Powerbank 12000 mAh 
 It doesnt even look like a powerbank!!!
This Chanel (*inspired) Powerbank is 12000 mAh and the charging time is a good 8 hours! 
Not only can it charge your handphone (compatible with Apple, Samsung, Nokia etc) it comes with TWO usb ports so you can charge other devices like your camera or Ipad at the same time! How cool! (and time-saving!)
CHANEL galore! 
This is seriously one of the most trendy and glamorous looking powerbanks in the market and Im so glad that MyDreamStory has all these cutesy gadgets so that I dun have to lug a boring looking one around to charge my devices! The dual USB ports are also really convenient as I tend to charge both my handphone and my hubby's handphone at the same time. Each powerbank comes with a cable (for charging) but you need to use your own cable to attach to your devices. Now retailing at only $63.90 (Usual Price $107) and comes in both black (as shown) and white. 
For more information, please email 
Instagram : MyDreamStory2013 
Im sooooooooooo in lurve with mine!
Thanks R & J from My DreamStory for the lovely gift! I'll definitely be using it along with my Chanel handphone case~ super matching! LOVE!!!!!
Off to dinner soon, hope everyone have a great start of the week!
Back soon. xoxoxoxo
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  1. wow, didn't know Chanel has powerbank too

  2. I am really glad that I have found this post and I thank you for letting us know about this information….This is a big help for sure!!Thanks!
    Power Bank

  3. Chanel making powerbanks? get something worthy like iphone powerbank

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  5. your power bank designs are amazing


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