Heading to Beitou, having Mala Hotpot and KTV-ing in Taipei (Part 2)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

[Travel] Hello hello! How was your weekend? Mine wasn't so great coz I got totally smashed partying lol and spent half my Saturday feeling like my skull was just going to crack open! Haaaa! To add insult to injury, my beloved (I use the term beloved loosely here) husband had to announce to my whole family during dinner what transpired the night before .. like how I was puking right in the middle of our front gate. [Which to my utmost horror I have absolutely no recollection about]
So there.
Hows ur weekend as compared to mine? :p
Heading to Beitou, having Mala Hotpot and KTV-ing in Taipei (Part 2) 

Right on Day 4, we checked out of our hotel and took a taxi to Beitou 北投 !

Beitou(北投)is northernmost district of Taipei City and is the ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of Taipei’s crowded business districts.  Recognized for its hot springs, historical sites, and lush green environment, Beitou was named one of the top 10 small tourist towns by the Taiwanese Tourism Bureau in 2012. ---source 
We've been here before but it will be our first time staying overnight instead of just spending the day in the valley 
Beitou is known for their Hot Springs so we had to visit the Geothermal Valley (地熱谷), also called Hell Valley
Geothermal Valley (地熱谷), also called Hell Valley, it is located at a valley near the end of Zhongshan Road on the left-hand side next to Qinshui Park. This is one of the most famous spots in Beitou, a natural sulfur hot spring where water temperatures can reach 100°C (212°F). 
So beautiful! I could smell the sulphur in the air!
Beitou is rather small so we chose to walk around the little town and re-explore it abit
Beitou Hot Springs Museum
Built during the Japanese occupation, this beautiful Euro-Japanese style building was once the main public bath in Beitou. It has been lovingly restored and was re-opened in its current form in 1998. Through the twelve rooms, the story of Beitou's romantic years of steam and mystery are revealed in interesting displays. The museum is located in Qinshui Park.
In many ways, this museum is heavily influenced by the Japanese as you can see from the tatami rooms and architectural design of the building 
After a short tour of the museum (its a very small place) we hit the streets of Beitou for some sweet corn!
And headed back to check out our stay for the night - Villa 32 // Relais Châteaux!
What a wonderful sanctuary it is!
Villa 32 builds on this tradition of well-being and enhances it further by drawing on the delights of nature that surround it. Located in Beitou, tucked away between impressive mountains in a geothermal valley, this spacious villa has only five guest rooms – each with its own natural hot springs tub.
Stepping into the reception area
Hallway leading to our rooms
Our Japanese styled room!
Designed by a Japanese interior designer Mr. Shobu with a Japanese Zen genre. The internationally well-known Chinese cypress is used to build the indoor and outdoor spring tubs. The guests in this Japanese room can embrace exclusive combinational enjoyments of spring and view brought by the open-air spring and greenery quietude in the garden. 
It feels like Japan instead!
There's a lovely garden with our own hot spring tub!
Wow wow wowwww
Turn on the taps and all the spring water at your fingertips! #cool
Definitely a must-go!
We ordered some bubbly! 
Super LOVE!
Imagine having a hot spring in your backyard ~ most convenient and luxurious!
Right after hot spring-ing we headed to Villa 32's in-house restaurant for dinner
The Restaurant presents not only its delicate Italian cuisine, but also a beautiful country scene composed of spring, woods, and stone where you can enjoy the natural beauty when dining. The spring water surging from the three-layered water wall surrounded by a green haze releases a refreshing aura of the Nature.
We had the set dinner and a side of red wine! (Plenty of red wine lol)
There were some hits and misses but overall a great dinning experience and I enjoyed the open kitchen concept so we could see the chefs in action.
Bottoms up!
My makeup of the day and my wonderful eyelash extensions by http://www.millys.org/ for LAZY me~!! Just wake up and can go out already lololol
Outfit for the night 
The next morning ..........
What a spread! #roomservice 
Time to check out! Its a short but memorable stay :) Love the place, so grateful to my good friend for introducing it to us! The service was fantastic and the villas was worth every penny. (Just that I guess we need to save up for a looong time before we can afford to come back to Villa 32 again! LOLOL)
Back to Taipei city!
Hungry us!
When in Taipei .........
Mala-1 by far one of my favorite mala buffet restaurants in Taipei! Its cheap, yummy and they have free-flow BEER and HAAGEN DAZS ice cream as part of the buffet!!! Wah piang 'nuff said k. #shiok
Its an ala-carte buffet and simply order order order and eat up! 
Eat full full 
Looks YUMS anot u tell me u tell me
Next upppppppppppp
How can u not KTV in Taipei????
They are the land of emo songs lehhhhhhhhhh!
Even when we can't really read chinese .... I analog all my favorite songs and sing along!!!! 
*personal concert thankyouverymuch*
After KTV.. chiong to Shinlin and stock up on my favorite peanut candy!!!!
Ate street food again for supper!
Day 5 and our final day in Taipei ....
Our flight is in the afternoon so we have enough time for a quick early lunch! 
And where do we head back again????
Yesssssss! A-Ji Sushi Bar at Shidong Wet Market #FTW
One of the best and freshest sashimi ever!
Cannot fight 
Everytime we come here .. its damn tok gong one!!! 
The stall is also sooo small that there's no seats so u have to eat standing up. Sushi is presented to you at a rapid speed and as soon as you feel like you can't eat any more, simply request that Chef stops the meal. 
If I lived in Taipei, I think I will go every week! Hahahah! 
With some time left before we need to head to the airport .. I went SHOPPING! 
The Mirada building in Ximending has a huge personal care store that stocks up on any imaginable makeup/toiletries/makeup tools there is! 
My hubby saw this and groaned *lolololo evil laughter*
Bought some Hello Kitty stuff and masks! Happy happy! Can go back SG already keke

We took a cab back to our hotel and upon reaching .............
Wah lau SIAN ...... Protest again :(
Our taxi couldnt make its way in as the roads were blocked due to the crowds that were gathered infront of the hotel.
It was crazy! We had to squeeze through the masses of people and TV cameras!
Our hotel is on the right 
*Stunned* How are we going to go to the airport???
Thankfully for us the hotel was well-prepared!!! We were escorted via a secret exit and against traffic to avoid the protest and crowd! PHEW! Felt like a superstar, though! HHAHAHA! Imagine security (men-in-black and on earpieces), the hotel manager, staff and all guiding us out from the 'private carpark' underground and finally making our way to the airport~ what an experience! 
Oh what a trip! 
And with this, I've came to the end of my recent Taipei travelogue! Hope u enjoyed the pictures and thats not all! Hubby made a small video so I hope u enjoy it! :D
For Part 1, please go to :
Thanks everyone for dropping by! Hope to be back soon while I work on my beauty posts and reviews. Take care and a HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all your wonderful daddies out that! xo
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Okies thanks for listening! Haaaa ~ Bye bye! 
Kisses xxx

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