On Sushi, Hello Kitty Cafe and Night Markets in Taipei (Part 1)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

[Travel] Hello hello! I've just recently got back from Beijing and as much as I would like to update this space .. I've been rather busy with maid woes! *Sob* Yes yes.. abit chaotic in the household coz it was very sudden! Like, one day just throw towel and say wan to go back nowwww! Aiyooo gek sim lehhh, not say I dun want let her go back.. but when you quit your job, you also give one month notice right?! Say dun wan work, then throw tantrum - make everybody headache only I swear. *sigh*
Back to HAPPIER things, please!
Remember my previous Taipei trips? [Click Here] This time round, it's slightly different because we went Beitou (next post akan datang soon) and I have a video too! Too many pictures for a single post, so first up ... part one! 
On Sushi, Hello Kitty Cafe and Night Markets in Taipei (Part 1)

We took a late morning flight to Taipei so we can get in by early evening 
I very much prefer this flight timing coz its dinner time after checking into our hotel!
Which makes its perfect to head to Shilin Night Market!
Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) is a night market in the Shilin District of Taipei, and is often considered to be the largest and most famous night market in the city.
Love the buzz in Shilin!
There are sooo many people walking around, shopping and eating! I can't wait to dig into my beloved street food soon!! And the very first stall I head to is my favorite smelly tofu!
So SMELLY! But sooooo delicious!
Hot hot~!
Had some mee sua (not memorable)
And we carried on walking to find more street food!
Have to eat this!
Check out the crazily long queue!
Hot Star Fried Chicken is really yummy in Taiwan! I dunno why but the ones locally tastes slightly different. Its full of MSG though, coz I get thirsty after eating those but still...!
 Must try!
Huge piece of fried chicken!
Right after Shilin, we decided to head back to our hotel at the Sheraton Taipei and it was during this time when Taiwan has having the Student Protest just behind our hotel.
Called the Sunflower Student Movement, if you looked carefully you can see sign boards and flags with sunflowers.
It was rather quiet and peaceful though and the students gamely smiled and allowed us to take pictures
Popped by to kpo, then headed back to retire for the night.
Day 2
Woke up for our highly anticipated lunch (coz they dun have any more seats for dinner reservations! Sob) at Sasa Sushi 笹鮨!
I wrote about this place during our previous trip to Taipei and the food is sooo good! We really have to be back this time round...!

We had the lunch omakase where the chef will decide the menu based on the ingredients of the day.
A nice sake and some of my favorite UNI to start off our fabulous lunch!
Soooo sooo creamy
As the sushi master chef deftly rolled out sushi after sushi .. 
All of it looked so exquisite!
Popped one in my mouth! Cannot wait!
More uni!
Always, always one of my favorite sushi restaurants ever! 
And also because its damn near one of my favorite brands too! Ahaha!
Chrome Hearts!!!!!!!!
Right after Chrome Hearts, we took a cab to Ximending!
Ximending has been called the "Harajuku of Taipei" and the "Shibuya of Taipei". Ximending is the source of Taiwan's fashion, subculture, and Japanese culture. Ximending is also the main LGBT district of Taiwan, with a host of many clubs and pubs surrounding the area. 
Ximending is kinda like a hip Orchard Road where the young and trendy often hang out! 
But really ....... I come here to eat only *sheepish*
Mango dessert #YUSO yummy!!!!!!!!!
Its a crazily hot day in Taipei so some dessert is a great respite to cool off in the heat!
More shopping and walking 
Walk already ... must eat to replenish energy!!!
My absolute favorite!!!! Ah-Chung Mee Sua! Championnnn
Damn shiok
The grilled mua chee is another must-eat in Shilin!
You can choose any toppings but I usually go for peanut or sesame :)
Best thing ever! 
For dinner, we wanted to head further away from Taipei for something DIFFERENT!
Took an hour cab ride to Keelung (基隆)!
 Miaokou Night Market (廟口夜市) is one of Taiwan's more traditional food-focused night markets and get ready for some cheap, delicious seafood! Miaokou is located adjacent to Keelung Harbor and forms the downtown area of the city. 
Specially here for the cheap and fresh seafood!
Cant wait to eat everything!
Yummy clams
Its so fresh.. its just sprinkled with some salt and it tastes so SWEET and juicy!!!
Wah piang damn delicious 
Hahaha whole table full 
Walked around alittle 
It was sooo crowded and lively!
More seafood but we were really too full!
Night is still young so we went to Rou He Night Market 饒河街觀光夜市!
The Raohe Street Night Market is one of the oldest night markets in Songshan District, Taipei, Taiwan.
Its not the biggest but I always enjoy shopping in Rou He
They have really great makan here too! I enjoy the baked oysters, mee sua, taiwanese sausage and baked potato with cheese!
It was such a fulfilling day out!
Day 3
Many of my close friends recommend Wu Lao Hot Pot 無老鍋 as a must-try in Taiwan, so here we are!
What sets Wu Lao Guo apart from other hot pot restaurants is probably its non-spicy soup base, the Japanese Ice Cream Tofu Pot (日本冰淇淋豆腐鍋). This soup base is stewed from pork ribs and is a mixture of Chinese and Japanese broth flavors. Moreover, it comes with a complimentary scoop of the legendary Japanese ice cream tofu, and you can actually cook it in the soup base (it may sound weird – but it’s delicious!). 
Also known as the Elixir Hot Pot, you can choose to have ginseng in your soup but as my hubby doesnt really like the taste of ginseng, we decided to skip it.
The service at Wu Lao is excellent! They even bow after placing something on the table! Very prompt and courteous too. However I didnt find the soup base too remarkable, and the food selection was rather limited. 
After lunch, it was back to SOGO area for more (window) shopping!
Love the Jill Stuart makeup counter in Taipei and of coz..................
Lets not forget my HELLO KITTY CAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!
How can I not come here.............
[Pink pics galore]
Level 1
I want to bring all the cakes home, laaaaa!
Even the wallpaper I also feel like tearing it down and putting it in my bag
Dining area
There's always a crowd at the cafe even though the service is questionable and the food quite horrible :p
Need to open one in Singapore! Food no need to be good, cute can already!
Even menu also cute
I want to bring u home!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was raining so we went back to the hotel, changed and headed out for another sushi dinner! (We made reservations immediately on the very night we checked in! Kiasu, much!)
(Wet) Streets of Taipei
This Japanese Sushi restaurant was highly recommended by a good friend of mine, 旬採!
旬採鮨処 has a slightly older charm, as compared to Sasa Sushi but we knew we were in for a gastronomical trip the moment we stepped in. Once again, we went for the Omakase set and we were not disappointed!
Live prawns
After (sorry but u were delicious!)
Sitting at the sushi counter, I love how we can interact with the chefs and have them explain each dish to us while we wait eagerly for our food.
Everything was so fresh!
The chefs here are highly skilled in the art of making sushi, which was evident in their knife work and their knowledge of the different fishes and their cuts.
The chefs are sooo friendly, too! Upon knowing that I like abalone (ahaha my hubby la! Sabo) they took out their premium "aged" in gelatin abalone for meeee!
No words can describe!!! Best abalone slices ever!
Chef also had us try their different kinds of uni that they had!

So sweet.. creamy and yummyyy
It was hilarious when the Chef decided to combine both of my favorite items from the menu into one single SUSHI! 

It's my first time having it but WOW!
And lastly .. we ended the fabulous dinner with a double layer Uni sushi! 
Maybe this is what heaven tastes like. :)
Okies, back to doing laundry! And I'll be back with Part 2 (and a video!) real fast,  hopefully! Do take care, the weather is so horrid, one minute hot and the other minute start to rain! Drink more water, back soon. kisses xoxoxoxo
(For Part 2 of my Taipei travel, please head to : http://elaine73.blogspot.sg/2014/06/heading-to-beitou-having-mala-hotpot.html )
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  1. Nice blog! Love how everything is pink~ Ahhh I must go visit the Hello Kitty cafe when I go taipei! *add to bucket list*

  2. Hi Angelus! Thks for dropping by! And yesss I love the Hello Kitty cafe in taipei! Always go there for all the PINK~! Cute die me ~Kekeke!

  3. Nice to see you really enjoy the buzz of the night market! Happy to have you make a visit there.


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