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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

[Results and Giveaway Winners] Hi guys! Im up really early this morning coz ...... hubby went to the toilet and made so much noise flushing so I woke up. HAHAHAHAHA TMI???
Anyways Im off to do my nails later at Milly's so I really wanted THANK EVERYONE for the kind support for BlackBoxSG's "Anyone Can Cook" show and those who cast their votes for both Vivian and meeee! Xie xie ni~!!

Watch our short Forfeit Episode based on YOUR votes! Youtube channel :
But I think the real winners are the THREE GIVEAWAY WINNERS from the Tealy Giveaway! 
Are you one of them?? :)
Congratulations to the following 3 winners who voted and got lucky!
1. Wendii Ken (YouTube ID)
2. Annsleyw (YouTube ID)
3. Rebecca Khoo (Facebook ID)
Do leave a private message on the BlackBoxSg Facebook page : by 12th August 2014 with your email address and contact details for BlackBoxSG to arrange the prize redemption. Cheers!
Tealy Premium Tea
Tantalize your palate with Tealy's fine selection of vibrant and innovative tea blends. Carefully crafted by our very own tea masters, each blend is thoughtfully concocted to bring out its own character, flavour and aroma, creating the most rewarding tea drinking experience possible. A perfect cup of tea for any time of the day.
*Flavors of tea for Giveaway might differ. 
Thank you everyone for your kind support! 
Even to the one who didnt vote but left a comment saying that the show is a Masterchef wannabe and that we are bimbos. HAHAHAHAHHAH thank u la.. I shy. Bimbo means I pretty??? Awwwwww.
Its all for fun! Dun take it seriously! I can't really cook too! :)
Anywayyyy I really need a hot cup of Tealy Tea right now (Time check, 8.40am) so I'll be back soon ya! Take care everyone! Have a great mid-week! 
p.s Comments and tags replied!
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