Anyone Can Cook! Episode One - Video & Behind The Scenes

Saturday, August 02, 2014

*Edited to add : Thank u all who voted for either me or Vivian!!! 
RESULTS WILL BE UP ON TONIGHT ON TUESDAY 5th AUG 8PM!!! Do check back to see if you have won the giveaway! There's still time to vote and join the giveaway if u havent! Yeah! 
[Video + Giveaway] Hi guys! Happyy happyyyy weekend!!! 
I hope u enjoyed my previous post on Bangkok (I'll reply comments later!) And I hope everyone is enjoying their precious Saturday! Cant wait for NDP to come soon! Love looking at the beautiful fireworkssss ~ 
Recently I've been up to a little something with the BlackBoxSG Youtube channel! 
Im actually on a COOKING SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hahahahhahahahhahaha yeahhhh righttttt can you believe anyone will even attempt to put me in a cooking show.... let alone a cooking contest .................. *insert crow fly pass*

The show is called "ANYONE CAN COOK" and its a real-life demo show where we have to cook!!!!! 
So yessssssss ~ Cooking Show bucket list - Checked!
Since its a contest ... I need to rally for VOTES!!!!
Haha! Watch my first episode below and see how I did! 
*Spoiler alert : I didnt burn the kitchen k*
Watch it HERE : and simply comment under the video to stand a chance to be one of the 3 winners to win a set of 3 Tealy Tea Flavors!
Behind the Scenes
I have to say this and I mean it ........ IT WAS REALLY FUN!
Tiring yes.......... but really rewarding to see our dishes at the end of the day!
My partner in crime Vivian, a Lifestyle & Travel Blogger ( was chirpy and very cute! Its my first time working along side with her and she's a decade younger than me can you imagine!!!! Luckily we had no generation gap cox I also very young at heart righttttttt.
Our candid shots!
Partners in cooking crime!
We had alot of laughter that day with the funny BlackBoxSG peeps and the professional film crew from OhBoy!Pictures! Sooooo farney la they all!!!
Poor Viv kena sabo-ed cox she kena cut one whole chicken!!!! I nearly fainted when I saw the chicken she had to deal with LOLOLOLOL (Watermelon pic of me below is for Episode 2, thou)
Filming for the commentary portion of the video.. very LOL-moments coz its the first time we saw the edited footage of the show! 
ANYWAYYY here's my finished dish called "Lamb-Chop-Mint-Along" and its something I had to create with the mystery ingredient (Mint) and I really felt that it would complement the flavors of Tealy's Mint Chocolate Truffle Black Tea, too! 
Hahaha my inspiration for the dish was from one of my favorite childhood shows!!!!
You got see the show before? 
(Hehee Im an 80s kid!)
Oh oh oh ~! There's a small GIVEAWAY to 3 lucky winners too so all you have to do is to SUBSCRIBE + LIKE + COMMENT (you need a Youtube account) BELOW THE VIDEO on who you think did better! The result of this challenge will be announced on 5th Aug 2014. So good luck good luck to everyone who voted and of coz to Vivian and me too!!!
Sponsored by Tealy
Vivian Tian
Proudly produced by BLACKBOX + OHBOY! Pictures
Thanks for the support everyone!!! Hahaha I not shy :p
Thanks to my family and friends for blindly supporting me tooooo! Very touched by those who silently voted for me.. thank you thank you :)
You know who you all are!!!!
LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*fairy dust and pixie rainbows*
p.s Kthxbye! Off to my parents place for lunch woohoooo! Hope u all have a great weekend! Enjoy the show too! If I can cook, so can youuuuuuu! Bye byeeee!
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