Bangkok - Food & The City + Going to Unicorn Cafe!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

[Travel + Video] Hi guys! Once again.. a rare update here! I miss updating often, but hopefully I'll be able to post more soon! Im terribly sorry, though! Having just came back from Malaysia, I feel alittle under the weather (again!) and trying my very best to rest more and taking a break from social media while I recuperate. Looking at my picture archives, I really miss Bangkok all over again! I guess its a place that I'll never get sick of visiting! The food, the shopping and the incredible culture there always make me feel so welcome.. especially coz Im so tanned and get mistaken as local ALL THE TIME. *hur hur hur* 
Anyways! Here's pictures from my recent Bangkok trip ~ Wheeeeee!
Bangkok welcomes more visitors than any other city in the world and it doesn’t take long to realize why. This is a city of extremes with action on every corner: Marvel at the gleaming temples, catch a tuk-tuk along the bustling Chinatown or take a boat through floating markets. Food is another Bangkok highlight, from local dishes served at humble street stalls to haute cuisine at romantic rooftop restaurants. --source :

The hubby and I decided to take it easy this trip with an afternoon flight and reaching Bangkok in the afternoon. Enough time for us to check in W Hotel proper, have an early Happy Hour and then head to one of our favorite places in Bangkok - Chinatown, yo! 
Chinatown, Bangkok
Bangkok’s Chinatown is a popular tourist attraction and a food haven for new generation gourmands who flock here after sunset to explore the vibrant street-side cuisine. At day time, it’s no less busy, as hordes of shoppers descend upon this 1-km strip and adjacent Charoenkrung Road to get a day’s worth of staple, trade gold, or pay a visit to one of the Chinese temples. Packed with market stalls, street-side restaurants and a dense concentration of gold shops, Chinatown is an experience not to miss. The energy that oozes from its endless rows of wooden shop-houses is plain contagious – it will keep you wanting to come back for more. 
When night time comes, this stretch of road becomes extremely busy and crowded! Love the vibe here, though its good to be slightly prudent with your belongings due to the heavy human traffic and sheer number of locals and tourists here.
Spoilt for choice, really!
Fruits, food and snacks line the street
Im a much bigger fan of Malaysian durians so while I admire the local ones (they're huge!) - I dun normally eat durians in Bangkok. Mangos.. however! Thats a different story!
Headed to one of our frequent sharks fin restaurants for a *light* dinner.
Cause I need to leave SPACE for more food!!!
Like birds nest la...
Headed back to our hotel with extremely satisfied bellies!
Bangkok Day 2
Bright and early for breakfast at The Kitchen Table in our hotel!
I dun go for hotel buffet breakfasts.. I prefer to order ala-carte off the menu coz at least my food comes hot! And sometimes they cost less than the price of a buffet since Im not a huge eater.
My Eggs Benny looook soooo good, eh!
Decided to prepare and head out for the DAY! Yeah!
Went to town!
Had my childhood favorite A&W (Standard protocol in Bangkok) but is it me or has the standard dropped drastically? 
Only Root Beer Float drinkable
Sad max.
Bought some stuff at the touristy MBK
And headed to Platinum Mall on tuk tuk!
Test my bargaining skills with Tuk tuk driver (normal)
Here we are!
*Insert gleeful face*
No pictures while in the mall coz too busy walking around ahahahah!
Right after shopping .. we headed to this place that I have been beo-ing for the longest time............!!!!!! UNICORN CAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its damn small and in a nondescript area ... but 
Unicorn Cafe Bangkok
44/1 ซอย สาทร 8 สีลม Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
+66 86 397 9262
(Dun say i neh share!)
My fave Instagram pic from the whole trip!!!!!!!!!
Back to hotel and back reality *bleah*
Changed and went out for dinner!
Romantic dinner for two! Arranged by hubby :)
Breeze is a testament to the rising stature of Asian cuisine among connoisseurs, offering authentic yet impeccably innovative dishes from an award-winning chef in a stunning venue where design, cuisine and service come together for an evening unlike any other.
The view is maze-balls!!!!!!!!!
But abit warm if there's no breeze in Breeze .. haha pun intended *laugh at my own cold joke*
We took the outdoor seats to fully immerse in the atmosphere
We're 52 storeys up! 
Food and service is commendable, but it doesnt warrant a second visit though. I might head there for drinks and enjoy the view from the top. (there's an outdoor bar on the other side of Breeze) More bang for my buck I guess!
1055 State Tower, Silom Rd, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
+66 2 624 9999
Fun date night out!
W Hotel at night
Go back and drink more!!!!
Bangkok Day 3
Woke up earlier today and need some exercise after all the feasting we enjoyed in Bangkok!
Trooped down to the pool
Quite tranquil! Perfect day for a quick swim before heading out 
And a yoga pose or two :p
Lunch was at Ku De Ta right opposite our hotel
We could see our hotel from the restaurant!
Located on the 39th and 40th floors of the mammoth Sathorn Square Building the views are suitably impressive, with an uninterrupted cityscape from the nightclub section and views to the Chao Phraya River and beyond from your dining table. 
Food no good, nuff said. View excellent though.
Changed into something casual for going out in the heat!
Guess where are we heading to???????
On the way......
Heh.. Chatuchak Market!!!!!!!
Chatuchak weekend market, situated on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok, is the largest market in Thailand. Frequently called J.J by the locals , it opened in 1982 and covers over 35 acres, with upwards of 15,000 stalls.
My ulu hubby never go before so I bring him go!!!!!!!
But I think he nearly died in the heat and the crowd
I was happy though! Alot of things to see see look look!!!!!!!!
And of coz ........... eat my COCONUT ICE CREAM!!!!
SG got anot huh????? Totally craving this again due to the hot weather!!!!!!!!
Ok la ok la, faster go back before my hubby faint
Tea break!!!!!!
Wah like a shiok only
Hanged around in Paragon before going to Somboon Seafood for our dinner!
Highly anticipated Thai dinner coz its very popular! 
Prices are relatively affordable too, and place is clean with quick service. The crowd is crazy, I see people walking in at 930pm for a meal! They also dun accept credit cards so remember to bring more cash. 
The tom yum soup is yummy but the star was the CRAB dish!!!!
Fried curry crab! 
Somboon Seafood Restaurant 
Night cap at Woo bar
Love their innovative thai-inspired cocktails! I had one called Thai Iced Tea and trust me.. it tastes nothing like the innocent drink!!! Quite potent and yummy in fact.
Bangkok Day 4
Its our last day in Bangkok but we have a little time on our hands before catching our flight back home so hubby booked this little quaint restaurant for lunch!
Issaya Siamese Club, is the flagship home for internationally renown Chef Ian Kittichai and incorporates Chef Kittichai’s Thai cuisine and style in a relaxed atmosphere of dining and lounge with a hip garden party vibe – all in an historical 100-year-old Thai villa and its tropical gardens in central Bangkok. 
Location-wise, it's a abit out of the way but once we arrived.. I fell in love with it!!!!!!!!!
So bright, so whimsical and pretty!
Service was extremely attentive too! 
The menu is made up of popular Thai dishes with a slight contemporary twist.
Thai Pineapple Fried Rice
I love the ambiance most! Very laid-back and homely with lush greenery outside
4 Soi Sri Aksorn, Chua Ploeng Road, Sathorn, Bangkok
Right after lunch.. head to our favorite Chinatown!!
I had to do what I had to do ..................
And lastly ..... time to HEAD HOME! Sobzzzzzzzzz
I loveeee u Bangkok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bye bye!
Beautiful sky when we departed
Up, up and away
Okiesss thanks everyone for looking!!!!!!!!!!
Im really sorry if I haven been feeling well enough to reply some emails and even update properly. 
Can you believe that my helper is not here yet! There's so many things that cropped up and the best part is when my agent 'forgot' all about getting the helper's paperwork done!! *Pull hair* Like how is that even possible. Do you forget to eat???
Anyways Im going stay ZEN ~ Putting all stuff aside and just concentrate on feeling better and hopefully getting all the stuff done so that my helper can settle in proper. *sigh*
Leaving u a video too! 
Will be back soon! 
Take care! 

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  1. Feeling even more unbalanced now aft reading this post coz my hubby is now in BKK & I can't go! Sobzzz

    Nice vid!

  2. Hi Elaine, is it convenient to stay at w hotel bangkok? Thanks

  3. How's W Bkk? I just came back from W Hong Kong. Didn't quite enjoy it cos first day toilet choke, second day shower area flood, 3rd day house keeper left her curly hair on my clean sheets, 4th day tried their 1 Michelin star restaurant singyin but it was no where near half a star. The only saving grace was their spa.
    Just received an email from them regsrding a discount on a return visit, should I try W Bkk ? Would you recommend? Restaurants ok? Spa ok? Since it's new, I reckon rooms should be ok?

  4. Thanks Joyce!!! :)

    Veron, aiyo soo poor thing! Why u nooo go with ur hubby? Neh mind.. ask him buy present back for u then! Kekeke!

    Hello Anon!
    Well.. to be honest, there are pros and cons staying there. W BKK is located in the CBD area in Bangkok and is about 15-20 mins away to get to the main shopping area. Its quiet around our hotel esp at night (Like shenton way after 7pm!!) But the hotel is very new and nice. Traffic is not as congested as town area and there's a Healthland nearby if u need a massage. Other than that, we either took the cab or train everywhere! But we did enjoy the hotel (nice/new/air con cold/good lounge/pool etc) - so unless u intend to spend some time in the hotel, no point staying in W, might as well stay around shopping areas :)

    Hi Lea! Aiyo I also think W HK is not as good. We dun like the location there and its rather old. We very much prefer to stay at Sheraton in HK. Its much more convenient and even the rooms seem more comfortable.
    For W BKK, u can refer to the info above! :)) Hope this helps!

  5. All photos are cool..they are saying more deeply about your Bangkok trip..
    As i will be going to Bangkok in next month, i would like you to check out the site which mentions a list about Bangkok tourist attractions and things to do and they are more in number.
    Hope you will check it and reply me some selected things to do and attractions to explore.
    Thanks once again..

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  7. This really amazing stuff you have posted in this post, nice clicks they are saying more deeply about your Bangkok trip, Singapore Good Food, Singapore restaurant booking and Singapore food search.Great work !!!!


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