Fun Quiz - What does your fringe says about you?

Saturday, January 17, 2015

[Personal] Hi hi! Omggggg I've been awake since 4am coz I woke up too early this morning for brunch with my girlfriends then I was so freaking tired after dinner with hubby and friends that I promptly came home and fell asleep once my head hit the pillow! Snoozeeeee~ Zzzz. I normally wake up around 6am every day (yes.. every day) for a quick toilet break coz I cannot tahan not drinking water at night! Haha but today is baddd.. think I slept way too early hence my 'toilet break' is at 4am instead. And usually I could go back to sleep easily but I dunno why tonight cannot. :(
Anyways! Was bored and surfing FB then I came across this cute quiz! So wanted to share it with you all for fun, la. #Nothingtodoanyway

Which is yours?
1. Average Bangs 
2. Flat Bangs
3. Side-Swept Bangs (Left Side)
4. Side-Swept Bangs (Right Side)
5. Middle-Parted Bangs 
6. Exposed Forehead (No Bangs, One Length) 
Do you think its true for you? 
Hehee! I used to remember love taking quizzes when I was younger and reading magazines like Teenage, Cleo and Cosmo! Just a fun quiz and Im back to trying to sleep now I guess!
Take care everyone and enjoy the weekend
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