Happy 2015! My 2014 in a nutshell .. ~

Thursday, January 01, 2015

As we usher in the new year, I just wanna say it has been such a roller-coaster ride in 2014! There are so many highs and lows (especially with the recent aviation tragedies) I just wish for peace and joy in 2015. 
A recap of my 2014 with peektures! 

Attended Updog Studio's free Hatha class on Jan 2nd! 
Flew off to Swatow with my in-laws and hubby to visit their relatives 
A visit to hubby's ancestral village
Celebrated Chinese New Year with our good friends 
Did my first Juice fast!
Celebrated the end of my Juice fast and Yoga Detox Program with a one-hand handstand 
Brought my godson to Sentosa
We held a Hen's Night for Nadnut! It was a blast!
Attended Nadnut's wedding! It was so fun playing game with the brothers haha!
My first trip to Waku Ghin! Speechless! Soooo yummy!
Super brunch at Ritz Carlton ~ overdosed on oysters and caviar 
Had my first fishing trip for the year
Came back and was so tanned, so did a nice hydrating Hydro-Facial at Aescure Medical 
Fangirl moment with celebrity yoga teach Mackenzie at Updog Studio 
Flew off to Taiwan and spent a night in our private hot spring villa in Beitou
Swimming at home and took some under water shots
Another fangirl moment with Kino yoga!!!!
My headstand during SUP yoga!
Had a mini staycation with BFFs and went to see Kumar at Aquanova 
Spent the next day at USS! So so fun!
One of my last serious partying moments! Was so pissed drunk that night with hubby and friends LOLOL - think I puked at house gate rofl. 
Realized I was PREGGY! Oops 
Went for Milly's birthday bash on a yacht! #MIllysGirls 
My mum cooked lunch for me and she was spring cleaning at home and found my old picture!
Insane first trimester cravings (yes briyani was all I wanted!)
Did a quick hair cut at Essensuals Bugis 
Went for a solo girls trip to Seoul!
So much food and shopping!
Had Hai Di Lao around 3x that week *faint*
Patted a polka-dot pony in Melbourne! 

Lock of love <3 p="">
Announced my pregnancy on our 3rd year wedding anniversary 
Went home to stay coz my room was undergoing a mini renovation 
Went back to yoga classes! 
Met up with my girlfriends over lunch 
Finally room reno was done :)
Louboutin nails by Milly's! 
My first hairy crab meal with my darling girlfriend 
SY came back to Singapore and I dragged her for prata
Picking up my yoga pace
Halloween high tea with girlfriends and kids
OOTD at 23 weeks 
Another trip to Waku Ghin! My absolute favorite ~ u all must go!
Regular Pre-natal yoga sessions with fellow mummies xo
My first Prenatal massage!
My darling ponies threw me a surprise early birthday celebration! Awww thank u!
Afternoon flight to Taipei 
Flew to Hongkong from Taipei and met up again with my dearest classmate for more food!
The best ever roast goose at Yat Lok. 
Came back and had so many birthday celebrations with my girlfriends - I am forever thankful 
Bought some baby stuff 
Attending Vinyasa classes 
Christmas meetup with my secondary school classmates! My dear girls! xo
So much laughter at Xinyi's wedding!
Christmas shopping with the hubs :)
Spent Xmas eve with our good friends and lovely kiddos 
The morning after Christmas .......
My only wish is for you to be healthy, happy, and be strong. We can't wait to see you! #JuniorLim
Waiting for 2015 to be an even better and fulfilling year ~ Im sure I wun get alot of sleep this year but you know what. I bet it'll be all worth it. :)
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Happy New Year everyone! 

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  1. Hi Elaine
    I follow yr post regularly.
    Ever since you are preg, yr posting also reduced a fair bit.

    But this new year post let me forget all those time when i miss reading yr post!! Great summary for the year 2014..

    Looking forward to see yr post with little junior : )

  2. Awww~ Thanks girls!
    I hope I will find the time to blog more often with Junior around in future!!!! muacks xx


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