My 1st Trimester Must-Haves

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

[Personal] Hello! Happy mid-week to all! Just had my prenatal yoga class this morning and when my yoga teacher remembered how far along I was, (Going into 33 weeks!) I suddenly had an epiphany! Like say whaaaaat??? What happened to my first and second trimester?? Poof! So fast over liao ah?? Im still trying to gasp the fact that I have barely 2 months to go before baby comes ... 
1st Trimester Must-Haves
Looking back, I had a rather ok 1st trimester because everything was all rainbows and unicorns until I reached 7-8 weeks of pregnancy. Then like a roller coaster, what goes up will come down and what went in ... well, it almost all came out. *sian look* So I decided to come home and dig out all the stuff that helped me greatly during the first 3 months and I hope it will help you or someone you know in time to come. :)
*These are items that I have bought and used personally.

8 Items that I used during my 1st Trimester 
1. Maternity Bump Band 
One of the first items that I bought when I found out that I was pregnant was my Maternity Bump Band. I know that usually people dun use this until later into the pregnancy because this band is typically used to support the growing belly and provide some relief for an aching back. However, I read somewhere that traditionally, ladies in Japan use some sort of a band to keep the womb warm (especially in winter months) and in traditional Chinese medicine, a warm womb is also extremely helpful in pregnancy.(Read more here
2. Ginger Tea
I was trying not to drink too much coffee/ tea and I had a slight aversion to milk/ diary products especially when my morning sickness occurred during week 7-8. I realized that drinking Ginger tea helped a great deal reducing some nausea and indigestion. Good to drink before or after meals. Infact I still drink some ginger tea now to relieve mild heartburn and as a digestive aid.
3. Prenatal Vitamins 
One of the first things my OB gave was prenatal vitamins that I am taking up to now. In addition, Folic Acid is also another very important prenatal vitamin so remember to take those too :)
4. Belly Belt
I was wearing my skinny jeans up to my 2nd trimester and although I could still fit into them easily, I couldn't button or zip the jeans up when my tummy started to bulge. A belly belt extension makes it easier for me to 'add' on inches so that my pants/jeans will not be too constricting. I stopped using these into my 3rd trimester though, mainly because its too much work using buttons (LOL) so I favor dresses or pants with stretchable waistbands!
5. Body Oil 
I have dry skin to begin with and sometimes with a growing belly, my skin itches alittle. You can use any good body moisturizer (one with little or no fragrance, preferably) or a good body oil to soothe parched skin especially around your tummy and hips.
6. Dark Chocolates (or any mint etc)
These really tide me over times when I was just nauseous or feeling plain sick! Sour plums didnt really work for me afterall and sometimes I had a weird taste in my mouth that I couldnt get rid off. I prefer dark chocolate coz I usually dun take much sugar or sweet stuff anyways. These are great to pop in your bag for emergency times when you puke and couldn't find time to brush your teeth! (You could be puking from day to night ....)
7. Nasal Inhaler 
Certain smells really triggered my morning sickness especially during my 1st trimester! Even smelling food cooking could induce a trip to the ladies and that was pure hell. My sense of smell was really sensitive so I have to divert my attention away from those! A nasal inhaler (these comes with medicated oil on the other end) helped me thoroughly during those puke-inducing moments and the medicated oil provided relief when I was having a mild headache.  
8. Sports Bra 
I reduced wearing underwire bras as soon as I found out about my pregnancy. I guess it was also more for comfort especially during the early stages of pregnancy where I had experienced some tenderness. A good sports bra is designed to give u adequate support, but if you prefer you could also look into buying good maternity bras for utmost comfort and support especially if you can no longer fit into your regular ones.
Hope you enjoyed this little post of mine! 
Now I need to go lie down .... haha! Good night and have a great rest of the week!
p.s Leave a comment or tag if you have any must-haves to share too! Would love to hear them all! 
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The above products have been purchased by the author. All opinions expressed belongs solely to the author. 

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  1. Awww... Makes me miss pregnancy hehehe. So true leh this post. I rem having all these must-haves during my 1st trimester too!

  2. Hi ,
    can help to advise which brand of ginger tea did u get? I am trying to get some good ones but it seems difficult to find in singapore :(

    Thanks ya..

  3. could you recommend your prenatal place? and if possible, e prices too?

    I can't seem to find the right one.

    23 weeks now and aching all over.



  4. Hi Cherie!
    Haha so are u intending to try for number 2..?? Kekeke

    Hello Anon!
    R u intending to drink it during pregnancy or for leisure? For pregnancy perhaps u can purchase something like the one I bought - Organic ginger teas (usually available in Organic shops or at the organic section of supermarkets) but for for leisure I really like the Instant Ginger Tea mixes! Eg. Super brand. Haha! Its abit sweeter and it tastes like teh halia in kopitiams :) Hope this helps!

    Hi Anon! I practice prenatal yoga (and normal Hatha yoga) at Updog Studio East Coast Big Splash. (more info available at my side links on the right)
    The trial class is free and subsequent classes is at $99 for 4 lessons (valid for 2 months) There are 3 classes a week (Tues, Wed n Sat) but I usually go to the class on Wed and supplement my yoga practice with normal Hatha classes on the other days. U can go to for more info or u can email me at if you want to know more too! Take care n good luck, best wishes to u with your pregnancy!

  5. Thks for the Ginger tea recommendations ^_^


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