What I bought from the Baby World Babyfair

Saturday, January 24, 2015

[Personal] Hi guys! Heehee so yesterday I made a quick trip down to Suntec's Baby World Babyfair, something that some 20k people were anticipating (according to the number of likes on their facebook!) and yes!!! ALOT OF PEOPLE THERE!!! 
Wah lau I tell uuuuuuuu. The hubby and I chiong down to Suntec right after my gynae's appointment in the morning and since the fair opens at 10am, I was still thinking "Ok la... 1015am reach still not so bad." Right?? Right??? WRONG. 
So apparently everyone had the same idea to troop down with prams (sans baby ahaa!), trolleys and maids in tow to the babyfair! On the first day. Right in the morning. My hubby still can rub it in by saying," Ya la u think u very clever to come so early - other people also what." HAHAHAHAH ok la quite funny.
Ok show you what I came home with. Keke. And I still can proclaim very loudly that I GOT NOTHING TO BUY.
My hubby's reaction = 
Baby World Fair 
Picture taken from their Facebook. I bo eng to take picture inside. Chiong already buey hu liao. (*no time)
Showing u what baby loots I got in the end! 
*Not an advertisement*

Baby Loots from Baby World Fair
Sophie the Giraffe is one of the world's favourite baby teethers from France. Handmade in the French Alps using natural rubber from the Hevea Tree and decorated using non-toxic food-quality paint, Sophie is BPA & Phthalates-free, and complies with US safety requirements ASTM F963. 
The first teething ring made of 100% natural rubber, this soft flexible model helps to soothe the appearance of those very first teeth.
I just wanted to try this cult baby toy out! I see almost everyone I know have this and I've even heard someone say that her daughter doesnt want anything but Sophie. That time I was like, Who is Sophie??? Oh. The giraffe. So accordingly to my friend, this stimulates the baby and its natural ingredients is safe enough for baby to grab and bite especially during teething process. 
Bebe Bamboo™ 2-in-1 changing mat is specially designed with bamboo fabric on one side and flannel fabric with beautiful prints on the other side. Waterproofed by TPU laminate middle layer. Bamboo fabric extremely delicate while durable. Bamboo fibers are eco-friendly and biodegradable. PVC Free.
I've always wanted to get these Bamboo material stuff for baby (in fact I wear bamboo material clothes during this pregnancy and I really can attest to how soft they are) so I guess getting these at the fair really makes economical sense. They are not the cheapest but reasonably priced at the fair. I got these 2-in-1 changing mat which I can easily bring out for diaper changing and also to use at home if needed. Pattern is quite cute too eh! But the auntie at the booth SUPER pushy until I turn off and told her to stop. Keep asking me to get more, get more. How many mats does she think I need???
Made with bamboo, our hooded towel is smooth and gentle on your baby’s skin. Bamboo has the added value of being more water absorbent than regular cotton, making it a great bath-time accessory. Unlike regular cotton, bamboo fibre is organically grown without pesticides, making it eco-friendly too! 
Size: 75cm x 75cm (30in x 30in)
Beautifully soft and silk-like – increases comfort
Anti bacterial and hypoallergenic
High absorbency (hydroscopic) - gets baby dry faster
Generous size suitable for infant till toddler 3-4 years old
I also got these hooded towels for bathtime! I have always wanted to get hooded ones coz they are really a great design and they keep baby's head warm and cosy right after a bath. These are made of bamboo material and is said to be super absorbent. I shall try and see.
Got some small Bamboo towels for ad-hoc purposes. Like wiping split milk, baby's hands or just for general wiping purposes coz they are quite absorbent and comes in such pretty pastel colors.
Alkaline Cleaning Water- Remove Stains, NO Detergent & Chemical
Went to another store and saw these made in Japan Alkaline cleaning water which promises to be totally safe for baby use! It works in the way a wet wipe would, but sometimes for larger areas its not as conductive to use wet wipes - eg cleaning huge amounts of toys or cleaning kitchen equipment. By the way the bottle looks so cute right ahaha.
I stocked up on these 99.9% water wipes which has zero alcohol and is perfect for baby use! Most importantly it is such a great deal at the fair to get these coz they work out to be around $2.50 a pack of 80 sheets! Although I have personally not used these before but we figured that wipes are something that we could always use. I got 2 cartons from the fair that day - the Blue ones and Yellow ones (for Newborn).
They look like these. Japanese baby on packaging also kawaiiiiiiiiii!
The stall was giving out GWP (Gift with purchase) above $120! And best of all - its HELLO KITTY! Hahahah so cute! My hubby gave me a face palm look then reminded me that we are expecting a boy. But so what! I use la! LOLOLOLOL
Stocked up on some rompers and onesies from Le Petit Society. Frankly they are not the softest material available in the market but I think its good enough (especially after washing it might be softer) and also I like to support local brand la. 
Red castle Changing Mat with terry towel. Essential for changing baby and in many colours to coordinate with his bedroom. This white waterproof Changing mat is slipped inside an elegant Fleur de Coton® fabric cover. Baby lies comfortably on a small soft terry towel which is attached with velcro and removable for easy care.
Ooooo! Exactly what I was looking for! We are not going to get a changing table (coz its kinda expensive and perhaps useless after baby turns 6 months or if you have a really active baby it might even be dangerous) so I wanted to get something like a small and soft changing mat with cushion. I could easily place the hooded towel or the Bamboo changing mat over this while changing baby. Its a soft cushion so baby would feel warm and secure compared to lying on a hard table top. Definitely more portable than a changing table too coz my baby's nursery will be quite a distance from my room. The baby blue color is pretty and it was on further reduction! 
In the second half of pregnancy, the expectant mother often has difficulty finding a comfortable position in which to rest. The solution is the Big Flopsy™ cushion, an essential companion throughout pregnancy! Thanks to its large size (170cms) the Big Flopsy™ cushion provides support and helps you relax in your preferred position. Ideal for lying on your side, this cushion can also be wedged between the knees or be folded to raise and take the weight off your legs.
Wow I got some many comments on this when I posted a picture of it on Facebook! Actually I wasnt looking for a maternity cushion coz my current pillows work just fine but the Big Flopsy was on additional sale ($122 after discount, they usually retail for $200 and more locally) I tried it out last night and it was rather comfy! The unique soft very light, anti-allergenic, odourless micro-pearls felt like I was lying on air and I didnt feel too hot on it (I sleep in air con though). I like how it could give me support especially when Im lying on my side and its very light so it didnt feel too cumbersome. Hopefully I can get more usage out of it when I start to nurse or maybe I can just give it to my hubby coz even he likes how it feels! Like a beanbag on bed! LOL
Okies... so thats all I got from my 45 mins in a baby fair. Did you get anything you like too? Share it with me leh! Got another baby fair coming up at Expo too! Dunno is I should head to that one AHAHHAHAHA its quite addictive I must say! No wonder so many people chiong baby fair de. Who doesn't love a good bargain! :p
Am heading to MothersWork for my HUGE round of shopping next week where Im gonna get big-ticket items like cot/pram and more stuff! *Shudders thinking of the bill* - Will be updating then once again so yeah ~ thanks everyone for dropping by! Love.
Back soon! xx
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  1. Hi babe.. I'm nowhere near experienced mummy.. still struggling with motherhood and learning everyday from fellow mums too! :)

    It did seem like u had an action plan for "attacking" the baby fair and truth be told, u were more informed about many things than I was when expecting my #1. Kudos on that. I was totally clueless and had to rely on some of my friends for advice. .so I'm hoping with my #2.. i'll be able to undo the mistakes I did.

    Good idea to stock up on wipes. .They are so handy esp in the beginning stage. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and blog more!

  2. Hello Lady-in-waiting!
    Awww dun say that! Im sure u are experienced and doing a GREAT job too! Actually I ayhow hamtum one la.. coz I think its really all trial and error at this moment for me since bb is not out yet and cant tell me what he likes or dislikes keke. Thats why i also resist stocking up on stuff incase they all go to waste. Hehe hopefully got time to chiong more fairs in future... esp when I live so near to Expo! Keke! Thks for reading my blog too! I so scare i tok abt bb then all sian of the topic ;p LOL

  3. Ermm. .. Then u will attract different readers like me? ;)

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