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Monday, January 12, 2015

[Review + Giveaway*CLOSED*] Hi guys! How have you been so far? Its been an exciting few months for me and I've been trying to adapt to changes in both my lifestyle and skin with my pregnancy! Before I digress further, I wanted to share one of my favorite current body care products! Its been something that I have been using for awhile right now (which I feel is safe for pregnant mummies like me) - the PHYSIOGEL Body Cleanser, Lotion and Cream
PHYSIOGEL with innovative DMS technology for dehydrated, itchy skin.
Like most Singaporean girls my age in this urban jungle, we tend to lead a modern and efficacious lifestyle brimming with activities non-stop! Sometimes its so hard to take a breather but hey, we're young now and Im not complaining! 
What are your ways to wind down for the day and loosen up? 
For me, I LOVEEEEE (with an exclamation letter L) nothing more than to be able to put my feet up after a hectic day out and have a nice calming bath!

Im fortunate to have a bathtub in my en-suite bathroom so I try to use it whenever possible! 
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~ say what... *ooohmmmmm*
When baths are not possible, I also indulge in long hot showers coz they simply FEEL TOO SHIOK! However, my penchant for baths and long showers come with a price *boo*. Do you know that following the same skin care routine that worked so well in our youth can take a toll on aging/mature skin *ahem me*? As we age, skin gets thinner and drier. Without a change in skin care, the climate/lifestyle/ sun exposure over time can make fine lines and wrinkles more noticeable. It can also make skin flake, crack, and even bleed. *Ouch!* To help alleviate these unwanted effects, dermatologists recommend: 
1. Taking short 5-10 minute baths or showers daily.
2. Use warm, not hot water.
3. Use a mild cleanser 
Soaps, and products containing alcohol strip natural oils from the skin, which dries the skin. Look for a mild, fragrance-free cleanser that moisturizes.
4. Gently pat skin dry with soft towel, never rub vigorously.
5. Apply moisturizer within 3 minutes of getting out of the bath or shower.
This helps to lock in much-needed skin moisture. Done regularly, this helps decrease dryness and itching of skin.
Finally.. always Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize
I have heard the PHYSIOGEL brand for the longest time, so I cant wait to try it! Some information on my skin background : You see, I used to have eczema on my body (legs especially) when I was younger so Im really quite careful about what I use on my skin now. I also have genetically dry skin and sometimes after a day out in the sun, my skin feels tight and might even flake. And due to my unhealthy love for air-conditioning (who doesnt!) my skin feels really dry and taut sometimes. Arghhh. 
Like a jigsaw puzzle, your skin's natural lipid or oil layers form an interlocking matrix, helping to lock the moisture within. But when your skin loses moisture due to external radicals, these natural lipid layers become damaged, resulting in dehydrated and itchy skin.
The bad news : Conventional moisturizers only replace moisture temporarily without repairing the skin’s damaged lipid barriers.
But with the PHYSIOGEL innovative Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) technology, it contains ceramide and other physiological lipids that mimic your skin's lipid layers. 
I was given the PHYSIOGEL Cleanser, Lotion and Cream to try out and I was excited to give it go because I know that this range of products are so gentle, they are even safe enough for babies!
********** The Review **********
 PHYSIOGEL Cleanser is a hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic soap-free cleanser that cleanses, soothes and softens without drying the skin. Its non-greasy formula does not contain animal fats, providing a gentle cleansing and maintenance of the skin's natural pH balance.
 The amazing thing about this product is that its so gentle, you can remove it WITHOUT WATER!
(Do you know that water might aggravate people with hyper-sensitive skin?)
Instructions : Apply a liberal amount of PHYSIOGEL Cleanser to skin. Massage gently in a circular motion. 
This low-foaming skin cleanser spreads easily on skin and here I am, using a piece of soft tissue to wipe away the cleanser.
 To my pleasant surprise, the tissue removed all traces of cleanser effectively even without vigorous rubbing! There is also absolutely no residue or stickiness left, and my skin felt soft to the touch.
 PHYSIOGEL Lotion is a hypoallergenic moisturizing lotion that provides physiological lipids in the Derma Membrane Structure (DMS)―a structure similar to the skin, hence, revitalising dry skin.
 Physiological lipids are natural and essential components of normal healthy skin.
With physiological lipids to protect and restore healthy skin.
- Non-comedogenic.
- Contains no colourants, perfume and preservatives.
- Hypoallergenic
  The Difference in Texture and Uses
PHYSIOGEL Lotion : Daily Use Lightweight Lotion 
- Relieves dry, tight skin and has a light-weight, non-sticky finish.
- Recommended for entire body
PHYSIOGEL Cream : Daily Use Moisturizing Cream 
- Provides long-lasting moisture
- May be used more than necessary
- Recommended for use on body parts which are dry
  Based on the pictures below, you can see that the PHYSIOGEL Lotion and Cream is slightly different in consistency. With the lotion, it is lighter, spreads quicky and easily. It also absorbs into skin almost instantaneously. The cream has a denser texture, but still it seem to sink to skin well upon application.
 After application
 Before and After One Use *zero edit except for words
Overall Review : I like how gentle the PHYSIOGEL Cleanser feels on my skin! The low-foaming cleanser leaves a barrier of moisture after using and the soap-free qualities did not aggravate my dry skin further. Excellent for normal, sensitive and safe to use for children and babies.  The PHYSIOGEL Lotion has thinner consistency so it was easy for me to use all over my body and it left my skin feeling soft but not oily or greasy at all. I didnt even have to wipe my hands after using because the lotion seems to have absorbed quickly into skin. I used the PHYSIOGEL Cream on my drier areas, concentrating on my elbows, shins and even on my heels! All PHYSIOGEL products contain natural lipids similar to the skin's physiological lipids to protect and restore healthy skin. I would recommend it for all skin types and for the family. Available at most pharmacies and prices range from $9-$39.90. 
For more information, please head to : 
PHYSIOGEL #ReadyForAnything Website : www.readyforanything.sg
PHYSIOGEL Website : http://www.physiogelrepair.com
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Thanks for looking everyone! Hope you have a great week ahead! xo
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This sponsored post have been brought to you by PHYSIOGEL, all opinions expressed are of the author's. 

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