Xinyi & Jon's Wedding Dinner at Orchid Country Club

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

[Personal] Hello hello! This year .. my resolution is to BLOG MORE!!! Hahahha and also I intend to focus more on personal posts although Im really not too sure who will be interested in my mundane lifestyle. *Insert sad face* Seriously speaking with the recent media wars among these blog giants .. this only makes me think, "Who can I believe in??" If you are not aware of the media mudslinging going on - or rather, the one that went on - please kindly ignore what Im saying. Its really so scary to know that the many 'popular' bloggers and influencers have steadily been buying stats online. (of coz not all per se, but some!) As a blogger myself, I find it incredulous how people can pay good money to boost their popularity so deceptively. Maybe its just like buying company at a nightclub. The girl says she loves you.. but does she really do?? Yet there will ALWAYS .. always be that one sucker who tells me that the girl really loves him for who he is. *rolls eyes* 
Anyways so I digress. Back to TRUE LOVE! 
The wedding of my dear Xinyi and Jon~
Now this is LOVE! I've known the both of them for some time after having mutual friends in the blogging world so I know that they really have a very special and loving relationship! U should see the way Jon looks at Xinyi! *heart eyes* So love love de! Muacksss
Unfortunately due to my pregnancy I had to miss the chance of being Xinyi's bridemaid! Im so sorry my dear but yeah at least there's also Maybeline and Yijing ya! I feel sian missing out on the fun though ~ :(
With the super popular SMITH and his wifey Chris! 

And Hongpeng aka HP!
Erm thanks for the cap with your blog logo Smith ...... I promise to wear it often! 
Subtle advertising for
With Jon the groom!
And my pretty bride friend! 
So many blog friends that evening! *hearts* Maybeline, Claire and Joyce!
And my pretty pretty Fidelis with her hubby Leon!
The wedding was held at Orchid Country Club and I tell u ~~~ the food and service is good de lor! Too many I forgot to take pictures of the food (busy talking to YJ lolol) but it really exceeded our expectations, la. The service too! Better than some hotels u know! I think coz the servers there are experienced aunties, and not usually those typical part-timer banquet servers slash students. So yeah.. we did enjoy dinner and helped ourselves heartily to the food! LOL
The march-in via a buggy!
Very unique~! 
The wave 
The couple marched in to X-Japan's Rusty Nails! Which is Xinyi's favorite song! And bride very cool! Wear black for 2nd march-in ~ AWESOMENESSS!
Song by the groom ~ awwwwwww
Cam-whoring with my dear Yijing!
The love love couple Maybeline and Jamesss
Caught in the act oops haaaaaaa
Hahhaha all "wefie' picturesssssssss
And finally a table picture although sorry la Maybeline .. your shoot bird eye but I only got this pictureeeeee coz no time for more! But its ok right I post all ur chio picture here also you know
Group  peektureeeeee
I wish my dear Xinyi and Jon all the best and may their love be stronger and stronger as the days go by! “A great marriage doesn't happen because of the love you had in the beginning, but how well you continue building love until the end.” -Unknown
Xinyi, 早生贵子 ya!!! *winks*
Love ya girls! xo
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*Update on Snail White Giveaway!*
Congrats to SHARON KOW - Someone will be contacting you shortly! Thanks to the rest too! xo

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  2. The reception is held in the main hall. The vow renewal location was gorgeous and perfect for a wedding. I have been to several weddings here but it hasn't gotten old. The place is absolutely beautiful and the views are breathtaking.


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