My Shopping Experience at Motherswork and Personal Baby Shopping Checklist

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

[Personal] Hello everyone! So finally I sat down and compiled a personal Newborn Baby Checklist of the things that I have personally bought and will be using. Being a first-time mummy-to-be, I realized that there's a wealth of information available online and through books/ friends/ relatives. But we are all different, so why should our checklist be the same? Therefore, I decided to narrow down my choices and perhaps give you an insight of what my personal New Baby Checklist looks like. 
New Baby Checklist 
To be very frank, I also realized that IM THE MOST NUA PERSON EVER because strangely, although I love shopping - I didnt get alot of baby stuff too early on in my pregnancy. While I dun encourage anyone to do the same *ahem most of my friends can't wait to start buying baby stuff anyways so it might not even be a problem LOL* - I think I just wanted to enjoy my pregnancy and only get the things that I needed after some research and homework. No impulsive buying I guess! Here's a couple of books that I personally felt that helped me a great deal into determining what to buy and what to omit. From top Left, I printed out afew baby checklists that was readily available online and highlighted that stuff that I wanted to get. The "Pregnancy and BabyCare Guide" is current and full of tips for mothers from first trimester onwards and the book provided a list of popular brands and new products available in Singapore. The "Blissful Baby Expert" by Lisa Clegg gave me an insight of things to prepare and things that the author feels is essential or helpful or not necessary. Helpful pointers include right from the start of pregnancy to the hospital, to even after bringing baby home. Lastly, the Stokke catalog coz I was interested in their stuff right from the beginning ~ haha! (Disclaimer : I am no way affiliated with any of the brands or authors mentioned in this article)
There are some stuff that I have already gotten from previous baby fairs (See previous post here : or ad-hoc shopping trips where I simply would buy something if it catches my fancy - baby clothes especially! They look so small and cute so it's hard to resist buying some! Even my hubby would swoon and coo over baby onesies and I usually have to stop him from over-buying clothes coz babies tend to grow too fast! And so I digress. Anyways back to baby shopping. The smaller stuff didnt really bug me much coz I can always get it nearby or even in a supermarket eg diapers/ cotton Q-tips or even baby shampoo. But the one thing that I am very particular about is how I was going to purchase my big-ticket items - pram, cot and car seat what-not. These are things that are going to cost us a small fortune and I am a person who will choose what I want carefully ~ especially when we are talking about items that cost an arm and leg. There are so so so many baby brands in the market that cater to all your different needs so .. where do we even start? 
Shopping at Motherswork 

While I dun think there is a fool-proof way on choosing baby essentials - a couple really have to sit down and do some homework on the brands available in the market and each brand/product's pros and cons. Everyone has a different lifestyle and preferences so even something such as deciding to get a 4 wheel stroller or 3 wheel stroller might need some concise planning before you splurge on a particular model. The beauty of baby-shopping is that if you are at a lost in the world of baby brands - dun worry! A good retailer will have experienced staff to guide you into making the right purchase which is why I chose to shop at Motherswork.
If you look at my New Baby Checklist above, I recommend making your own personal shopping list BEFORE you step into a huge retailer such as Motherswork. They carry a good number of brands so its easy to get overwhelmed if its your first time baby-shopping. That is also the reason why I window-shopped at Motherswork sooo many times until my hubby got so bemused how I could check out a stroller 5x even before I even attempt to narrow it down for consideration ~ haha! Mumzilla, much? 
Even though I am already familiar with Motherswork, having gone in sooo many times previously to check out the baby products they carry (hugeeee range - more pics later) - for this invited trip I had the pleasure of Senior sales manager Lai Ying (or LY for short) to bring me around the store and personally guide me through my checklist. 
Narrowing down the list of items......
In this post I will be elaborating a bit more on the products that I purchased in Motherswork that day but before I do so .. how about a trip around the store! 
Say hi LY!
Although I have previously gone through baby books and catalogs .. the amount of choices that I have to make even while in the store is mind-boggling! For example .. even while choosing a cot, I have to choose the color of the cot, and the color of the sheets, if I wanted a bumper for the cot ~ and then for this particular Stokke cot .. I could even choose if I wanted a drape over the cot or not! Someone say Oh my goodness me!  
As LY brought me around the store, she has her own list with the product model/ reference numbers of the items that I have chosen and picked out. In this way, its hassle-free for me so that I could simply concentrate on ticking off my own baby checklist. 
And yes.. I can even choose the fabric colors of my pram ..  
LY explaining in detail how a bouncer works
Personally testing it out and having a feel of the bouncing chair. 
Motherswork also carries baby products such as toys, shoes, clothes, nursing items and skincare. I even saw cute baby SPF and little swimwear ~ kawaii!!! *planning for beach holidays already*
I am sooo spoilt for choice!
Here's me going "Eeeks I WANT EVERYTHING!" 
Even choosing a print for muslin cloth can be quite a challenge coz they ALL look so cute!
Lastly, LY personally going through the list of products that I have chosen and carefully explaining the items that will be home-delivered (obviously things like the cot and other big items that need some setting up ~) and which items that will be packed for me to bring home on that very day. Eg clothes/ toys and smaller knick-knacks that I could carry or choose to have them all delivered at once (if you dun drive, this is a good option).
At the end ..........
Just a portion of the things from Motherswork! 
Did up a short video too! (Here's me @ #34weeks!)
What I bought in Motherswork
While its nearly impossible for me to go through the whole list of items that I purchased (I bought 27 things that day!) in one post, I will be going through my big-ticket items here first, and the rest in a separate post :)
1) Pram/ Stroller
Stokke Xplory in Black Melange
The ultimate connection stroller.
With pioneering seat height adjustability, the iconic Stokke® Xplory® brings your baby closer promoting interaction while you explore the world together. 
I was deciding between the Stokke range of strollers vs Bugaboo - another extremely popular choice especially with their latest model, the Bee3. 
My hubby had his mind on Stokke the moment he laid eyes on it, and we both agreed on how sturdy the stroller is and also how multi-functional it is. Although the weight and bulk is a minor deterrent, I really like how the height and angle adjustable handle could provide a wide range of positions. From forward to back/rest facing for a variety of positions.  
The height was also a huge plus point so I dun need to bend over too much to place baby in stroller.
Multi uses and positions from baby to toddler 
This picture is soooooo adorable!
We also got the Stokke Stroller Cup Holder - for convenience if I ever need a drink at hand! Hubby still can joke that he can put a can of beer there at the same time. Zzz *not funny lor*
2) Car Seat
Stokke iZi Go X1 by BeSafe
The lightweight car seat.
Weighing in at only 4.2 kilos, the Stokke® iZi Go X1 by BeSafe® is easy to install and even easier to carry.
We got this coz the Stokke iZi Go could quickly be attached to my pram and then removed to place it in the car without the use of an adapter as it suits all Stokke strollers. For safety reasons, I would advise parents to always buy a new car seat if possible. (See :
3) Infant Carrier
ErgoBaby  Four Position 360 Baby Carrier
The Four Position 360 Baby Carrier provides four comfortable and ergonomic ways to wear baby: Front-Inward, Front-Outward, Hip and Back carry positions.
Highly recommended by LY, the Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier is one of Motherswork's most popular baby carrier for ease of carrying baby 4 ways! 
Ergobaby Infant Insert
Ensures baby is ergonomically positioned in the natural seated position. Works with any Ergobaby Carrier.
4) Baby Cot
Stokke Sleepi Mini
Four beds in one.™
Stokke® Sleepi Mini is the perfect first bed for your baby. Its distinctive oval shape provides your baby with a sense of security by creating a cozy nest-like environment. 
I was so inspired by this pinterest picture that I made up my mind to get the Stokke cot as soon as I was designing my nursery (in my head)! 
Super multi-functional and you can simply buy parts to add on as your baby grows! Most importantly, I love that it is made of durable solid beech wood and it has no drop-sides. (Read :
The wheels on the cot makes its easy for me to move baby from room to room, especially since my baby nursery is on a different level as my room. 
I chose White (for a clean look) and also white for both the fitted sheets and drapes! Cant wait to see how it looks in my nursery!
5) Infant Bathtub
Stokke Flexi Bath in Transparent
The foldable baby bath.
Stokke® Flexi Bath® is a foldable baby bath suitable from birth to four years. The space saving design makes it easy to store and convenient to use at home or for travelling.
Obviously I can/t buy pink even though I REALLY wanted to la! Hahaha! 
The optional Stokke® Flexi Bath® Newborn Support provides additional comfort for newborn babies.
6) High Chair/ Baby Chair
Stokke Steps Chair
The transformable children´s chair.
The chair is the core of our seating system and serves as a base for the bouncer and additional accessories.
Oooh I much prefer this as compared to the other high chair that Stokke has. This seems more sturdier, especially with the side armrest and footrest. 
Design is impeccable once again and suits our dining room. I also like how the bouncer can be easily added on to the chair so that baby can sit with us during meal times. 
The many accessories to fit the chair from baby stage to toddler. 
7) Bouncer / Bouncy Seat
Stokke Steps Bouncer
The bouncer with soft cradling motion.
The softly cushioned bouncer has a unique cradling movement that mimics the feeling of being cradled in mothers arms. Developed together with a Paediatric Physiotherapist, our Newborn Insert ensures that your newborn baby will be properly supported when placed in the bouncer. 
Seriously I was never a 'bouncer' kind of mum but my hubby loves it so much! He even wanted to get the AUTOMATIC (press button and it bounces) ones available in Motherswork too .. but at least this Stokke one could be used on the high chair so its kinda 2-in-1 for me.. and better so coz I could justify it at this price too.. Oh well. On the side note, this bouncer feels really comfy and comes with a detachable toy hanger that keeps Junior's favorite toy close to him.
Oh phew ~ we're all done for today I guess! And this is only one portion of the baby items that I got! I can't imagine listing every single thing down ~ I think u will faint! Im about to faint already, can't believe that there is sooo much stuff to baby shopping! 
Thanks everyone for looking and a huge thank you to the kind people of Motherswork (Especially to M and LY!) for helping me out in getting all my baby shopping done and also for patiently answering my endless questions and clarifications. Hehehe. 
Will be back with more baby stuff (if u dun mind...) and also another post on the rest of the baby shopping! Hope you are having a great week and take care ya! xo
If you need more info about creating your own baby checklist, you can head to this article for more ideas and pics!
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This is an invited tour by Motherswork, however all items stated in post have been purchased with a VIP card discount (applicable with purchases above $800) by the author. 
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