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Monday, March 09, 2015

[Personal] Yes! We just had a baby!
Introducing baby Elroy Lim ..
This cheeky fellow decided to catch me unaware & popped out on his exact due date *sweat* 
Our pride, our joy, our love.
A video we made from the very day we knew I was expecting! The hubby complied a 1-second video of my daily life and watch on to progressively see me get fat! LOLOL. Thank you all for the well-wishes, messages & gifts! Extremely overwhelmed with love & trying to get used to a new routine with baby! Hopefully I'll squeeze some time in to write my birth story too! :) 
"At first we had each other, Then we had you.
And now we have everything." - Anonymous
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Busy being a milk machine! Back soon xo

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  1. Hello baby Elroy!! And congrats to the babelious mummy! XOXO

  2. Nice vid!

    Welcome to Parenthood! Enjoy the journey!

    Congratss once again, Mr & Mrs Lim!

  3. What a lovely boy! Congrats congrats and congrats!

  4. Congrats! Baby Elroy is gorgeous! Enjoy motherhood..u will be great

  5. Hi Elaine! Have been reading your blog for a long time. Congrats to your new bundle of joy and I'm really happy for you and your hubby! Elroy is so cuteeeeee :) hope to see more of your posts soon :)


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