My Prenatal Photoshoot at Kids Pictures

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

[Pregnancy + Video] Oh hi! Im still ALIVE! To think that time flew by in a blink of an eye! Its been nearly 3 and a half weeks since I came home with baby and WHERE DID ALL THE TIME GO. Im naturally abit sleep deprived at the moment.. and btw, anyone who has ever uttered the words "sleep like a baby" has obviously never had a baby before. BABIES DUN SLEEP - or rather, they dun sleep when u want them to! They are 24/7 hungry too! Im sneaking in this post before I go fulfill my cow duties. Someone say MOO.
My Prenatal Photoshoot at Kids Pictures 
Ever since I got pregnant, I was very sure that I wanted to do a nice prenatal photo shoot where I could glorify being fat. The three trimesters made my mood swing from high to low back to high (especially when I had morning sickness) but its all very exciting being first-time parents so what better way to commemorate this magical time in our lives. 
Located in a quiet corner of Tanglin Mall, Kids Pictures Professional Photography has been in business since 2000. Specializing in newborn/children shoots, family portraits, prenatal as well as outdoor & underwater! I was so excited because I was counting the weeks up til this shoot so that my bump would be nice and big LOL.
I would recommend you to turn up earlier for a short discussion with head photographer Yan, who immediately put me at ease with her affable personality! I had some shots in my phone that I have taken for inspiration that I kept to show Yan and in addition, she showed me some of the pictures that they have taken previously before. I wanted something simple and have brought along some of my personal clothes for the shoot. We also discussed about my Yoga poses coz I really wanted to incorporate my favorite exercise in the pictures! 

Right after we agreed on the style and direction of the photo shoot, I proceeded to have my makeup done by my own good friend, Xiaoxin aka Cyndi! Although Kids Pictures does not provide makeup and styling, they were very kind to set up a temporary makeup area so we could have my face and hair done under natural light :) 
I think we were busy talking like nobody's business and making such a ruckus in the studio.. Haha! 
Getting my hair done
Thanks my dearest for the lovely styling! Muacks love ya xx
We started the photo taking session with a series of yoga poses as I was already into my 34-35th Week by then and was easily out of breath. Although I could do the poses easily, I forgot how slippery the  floor could be without a yoga mat! But kudos to the team for their kind patience :)
I think we nailed some great shots! (More pictures later!)
Prenatal shots proper now... with all the romantic draping ~ ooh la la so sexy! Luckily the whole team at Kids Pictures are all girls so I felt extremely comfortable even though I was almost naked LOL
We wrapped up the shoot in about 2 hours and it was the most fun shoot I had in a long time! My hubby was with me and we both felt very comfortable working with photographers who clearly knew their stuff. Everyone was so accommodating (thank you thank you) coz I had to be really careful with some of the poses since I was so heavily pregnant at that time. Stuff like LYING ON THE FLOOR is no mean feat with a basketball infront ok! Haa! 
Afew of my favorite Yoga shots  .. will be doing up a prenatal yoga post soon with these pictures too! (When I can find the time! Urghhh)
I brought along my own kebaya top coz I wanted to do a different style!
But I also love these drape shoots .. they showed the bump so well duncha think so :)
Candid shot :D
And how about a video from behind the scenes! 
All in all I had a fabulous time with Kids Pictures - Props to Yan and team especially for their kind patience and professional direction. Chris and I love how the pictures turned out so much that even though this shoot was kindly sponsored, we paid for almost all the pictures we took that day. Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as we did! And I hope I've inspired you to do the same ~ it's really priceless .. trying to capture such a extraordinary journey to parenthood.  
For more information, please head to : 
Kids Pictures Professional Photography
Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road #02-43, Singapore 247933
Kids Pictures Facebook :
Website :
For Makeup and Hair Services by Cyndi, please email :
Cyndi Soh : 
Hp : 98750250
Thanks for dropping by everyone and hopefully I'll be back with more posts when I can! 
Take care xx!
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This sponsored shoot have been brought to you by Kids Pictures Professional Photography , author paid for the pictures shown in post and all opinions expressed are of the author's. 

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  1. Beautiful pre-natal shots and gosh you can still those gravity defying poses!

  2. Hi Elaine
    Welcome back after 3.5weeks of ..ahem.. 'rest' from blogging :p

    My heart skip a beat after seeing that post with yr head of the floor!! My gdness!!

    Cant wait to see more post from u with the little prince : )

  3. I love all your photos!! Was eagerly waiting for this post since you gave sneaks earlier haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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