Crabtree and Evelyn Hungary Water Eau de Cologne Review

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

[Review] Sometime ago as I was just getting into the gist of caring for another human being (and trying my best not to harm him LOL) - something arrived at my doorstep!
Crabtree and Evelyn Hungary Water Eau de Cologne
Accustomed to having receive baby hampers and diapercakes that couple of days.. I was super glad that something came FOR ME! Hahahah! Feeling neglected (kidding) coz everything was about baby! :p Finally I can open an adult present of my own and pretend its my birthday! Hahhaha I mean thats why we buy stuff online? So we can untie ribbons and open wrappers?? ROFL.
Ok back to topic.
A rejuvenating and classic blend of herbaceous notes.
The Heritage Collection
In the early Crabtree & Evelyn fragrance library, the first edition of Hungary Water was loved for both its aroma and compelling story. Set in the 14th Century the tale tells of a unique scented tonic presented by an alchemist to The Royal Monarchs of Hungary, along with the promise of eternal youth. With strange coincidence the King became famed for his youthfulness and the Queen for her beauty, allegedly bestowed by the tonic’s rejuvenating scent. Today’s second edition of Hungary Water continues the enduring legacy, taking influence from the original historical recipe, updated with a contemporary edge.

With a touch of modern day alchemy, Hungary Water Eau de Cologne pays tribute to rosemary, the ingredient at the heart of the original tonic ‘L’eau de la Reine d’Hungrie’. This restorative herbaceous scent is steeped with uplifting notes of pink pepper, spearmint, cypress and geranium, blended with the aroma of amber and musk. The result is a citrus aromatic bursting with youthful beauty and elegance.
I love how old-school it is! The scent is mysterious and sensual, with deep notes such as amber and musk. But it is definitely feminine at the same time with top notes of pink pepper and geranium. It is not a spray bottle so I just lightly turn it over and apply on my pulse points. I love how alluring it smells and this decorative piece displays so prettily on my makeup table. 
Now currently retailing at all Crabtree and Evelyn stores for $88 (100ml). 
Its been a pretty hectic week so far (as usual) but its amazes how fast my baby boy is growing! Now he's much stronger (and fatter) and he tries new stuff everyday. Im deeply humbled. :)
Leaving u a pic of him "watching" TV! 
Thanks for looking! He's awake now! Got to go! 
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