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Monday, May 04, 2015

[Editorial] Growing up under the care of a Teochew-Peranankan matriarch, also known as my mother - a good portion of my childhood was spent enjoying good food (any bibik worth her weight in gold will enjoy her food) and having leisure talks about fashion. I remember watching her dress up on weekends as she brought me out for tea and shopping and although she has modern tastes in fashion (she still has), the traditional Nonya kebaya has a very special place in her heart. I remember my mother telling me stories about my Peranankan grandmother leaving her a trove of personal kebayas in which she unfortunately, has misplaced and still regret til this day. Luckily my mum still kept my grandmother's gold "korongsang" well, and Im most fortunate to have inherited those marvellous vintage pieces when I got married and wore a red kebaya for the tea ceremony. It was like I wore a part of our family history with me that day. 

This Mother's Day will be extra special because it will be the first time that I will be celebrating it as a mother myself. To commemorate this very special occasion, I think my mother would love the Balmain Haute Elegance - An ultra thin case in stainless steel and gold PVD with Arabesques motif over white mother-of-pearl dial. 
A perfect accessory that complements our heritage-rich Nonya Kebaya in which we hope to pass on to generations to come.  
Looking forward to celebrating my first Mother's Day with my baby and my mummy! How are you going to spend yours?
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Thanks for looking! Life has been great but very busy nevertheless. Baby is settling well into a routine but of coz with babies and children, we fall off the band wagon a couple of times and try to get back on again. Its not easy adhering to a parent-led schedule, and because I nurse on demand, its extremely time-consuming too! So my days are filled with wonder sometimes.. wondering how baby will react ahaha! Sometimes he is really good and fall asleep when he is supposed to, but some days are more challenging where he will fuss a little. Oh well. Thats parenthood I guess for you :)
Leaving you a "Yo, wassup" look from my baby boy today!
Hehee bye and take care!
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