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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

[Sponsored Video + Thoughts] To say that my life has not changed after becoming a mother is definitely un-un-unbelievable. 
I used to be a free-spirit, I could plan vacations at a moment's notice .. or do something at my whim and fancy, but after having a newborn - I dun think all these are possible without putting his needs first.  (I would like to think that I still can do those stuff, just not at the moment LOL) Even planning a dinner outing could result in a mini drama at home. Just packing baby's stuff to trying to change his diaper before leaving home - woe be to me if he decides to do an explosive number 2 just as we walk towards the door. But still.. a mother's love is all it takes to suck it up and do the things that I would never imagine myself doing for another human being. 

When I watched the new Physiogel's #FreeMySkin with Eunice Olsen, I found that it resonated with me on many levels. What does great skin mean to you? For me I have dry sensitive skin and sometimes it hinders me from doing what I really like. Spending lots of time in air-conditioning doesn't help too! Swimming for example, is one of my most favorite things to do in my leisure time but unfortunately my dry skin doesn't react well to prolonged exposure to chlorine in the pool, or the rays from the sun. (Even with SPF application, I get really dry scaly skin after a swimming session! Eeeks!) Hopefully with Physiogel, I can improve the condition of my skin and I look forward to bringing baby to swimming when he is old enough! We live in the East so we are planning lots of trips to the beach and how fun will that be! :)
"Dun let anything to hold you back from being who you are." -Eunice Olsen #FreeInMySkin
How true, how true.
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On a separate note, I took the #FreeInMySkin quiz for a $5 discount e-voucher! LOL the auntie in me says I must share with u all! 
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Thanks for looking everyone!
And also, Happy 8 weeks to my baby boy :D 
Mummy loves u xo
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