A Girly Movie Date

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

[Personal] Such a throwback! Dug out these pretty pictures when I went on a girly movie date with a good friend of mine. Le hubby had some Gold Class tickets given to him but he wasnt really interested in watching Ah Boys to Men (hahahahaha) so I got my girl friend to go with me instead lor! Im soooo glad I did too! Coz it was actually the last time I went to the movies til nowwww
Katong Golden Village

Me likey the Peranakan references!
Le girlfriend Char & me :) I was 38 weeks preggy then I think!
Spoilt for choice! Dunno what to eat lol
The cinema was rather empty on that weekday afternoon
French fries and a cup of chamomile 
Here we go!
Actually I enjoyed the Ah Boys to Men movies! I found them rather heartwarming at times, even though the humor could be kinda crude (yet funny!) for a family show but its so localized, I think we all kinda resonate with the show. Now that I have a son.. I really wonder how I'll react to him going into the army! Scary thoughts! :p
Have a great week ahead guys!
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