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Friday, April 17, 2015

[Personal] Hi guys! Once again baby is having his nap time and Im trying to ninja my way here in my room to write a short post. So many things to blog about.. but so little time! I really shall try out blogging via handphone but Im quite old school in a way and I really like to type posts out with both hands on a keyboard ahaha! Anyways I am amazed with this motherhood thingy.. the joy of seeing your baby grow day by day is damn pretty awesome :) I've been meaning to write about my birth story but the pictures are currently with my hubby so I dun have them at the moment. Shall do so when he finally finds the time to pass them to me. I mean, we are at home everyday but time seems to fly by us like crazy! I have emails to reply and pictures of products to take for reviews but the moment the little one needs my attention, I have to be there. Sometimes I cant even take a shower in peace coz he wails when he doesnt see me. Arghhh. 
So what do I do everyday then? *Edited to add : I continued this post like, 2 freaking days later coz I was so busy! Ahhhh!*
My Typical Day with Baby

Gooooood morning sleepyhead! 
7am : Usually baby is awake around 7am + for a feed (I breastfeed currently) and to make things easier, baby co-sleeps with le hubby and I in the same bed on his Cacoonababy (seen above in picture) I am paranoid about squashing him to death coz I can sleep like a log at times although motherhood has definitely made me more attuned to baby cries and whimpers. Anyways.. to be safe than sorry especially coz he is still so small. 
8am : Baby would usually finish his feed and burping and we usually lie together awhile on bed bonding abit before we start our day. 
8.20am : By now I try to get Baby changed from his pyjamas into a light cotton onsie or a short sleeved romper in case he gets too hot during the day. I would usually change his mittens (babies love putting fists in mouth as a cue when they are hungry so expect alot of saliva on mittens!) Diaper change is also mandatory as my baby really likes to poo in the morning! Well, just like his dad! (TMI)
8.45am : I'll try again to feed baby if he wants to, since it will be almost 2 hours after his last session. Hubby will get changed for work, and usually he goes to get me my teh and some breakfast before heading to the office.
9.30am : Baby and I head to the living room when hubby comes back from tabao-ing food and we usually have breakfast together before he leaves home for work. As I stay with the in-laws, this is also the time where the grandparents will hold or play with Baby while I get to eat uninterrupted. 
10.15am : While le hubby goes to work, I'll try to rest a while or watch some TV as baby plays quietly either in his cot or on his bouncer. Or usually Grandma will be carrying him and talking to him LOL.
10.45 - 11am : He gets a bit antsy by this time and would usually demand another feed. I'll normally feed him with a nursing cover while watching some TV or being on social media. 
12pm : After burping and holding Baby in an upright position for awhile (helps with his reflux) I'll try to let him try to nap for awhile coz I dun want him to be overtired. Newborns need a lot of sleep u noe ~ haha!And I'll try to get some lunch by this time too. 
12.45pm : Baby would usually wake up or start making noise so I would prepare the bath and get him ready for a wash up. Its actually quite fun and a great bonding session although he usually cry father cry mother when I try to put a naked boy in the water. Then he will give me an ultra SHIOK face when he gets into the warm bath like ahhhh.. spa time. Repeat scream when I take him out. *facepalm*
1.30pm : After a nice bath and change of clothes, I'll nurse him to settle him (usually he pees and screams so much that he would most likely be hungry again LOL) and try to put him to sleep again.
KO master.
2.45pm : This is the time I usually creep my way to take a much-needed shower, or after my shower - if he is still sleeping quietly *fingers crossed* I will reply emails/ try to blog or log on to Instagram/Facebook to post some pictures. More often or not, I end up rocking him to sleep or him falling asleep in my arms then I will be stuck.. boo hoo.
4pm : Playtime for awhile or neh neh time for him! Another round of feeding please.
5pm : Baby will usually be quite alert and awake and then we will try to play a little or ahem..teach him to take a selfie.
5.30pm : Usually a diaper change is needed especially if I head poo sounds like really really LOUD FARTS! If he is tired, he will drift off to sleep too.
On a good day ...
6pm : Another feeding session beckons.. (yes.. babies drink THAT much milk!)
7pm : Burp~ carry~ sayang and then dinner with the family. Usually he plays in his cot while we are having a family dinner, if he fusses then I'll hold him til either his daddy or grandma finishes dinner and then someone will play with him or keep him occupied while I try to have some peace (and food!)
7.30pm : Yes.. u guessed it. Another neh neh session is in order or sometimes I realize babies just likes to comfort nurse for fun! Cluster feeding also usually occurs in the evening where baby will be nursing almost non-stop. Worst if he is going through a growth spurt! Arghhh! Sore boobies anyone??
8.30pm : Sometimes he will just KO on my lap and scream if I try to move. 
8.45pm : I usually try to stick to a routine by heading to the bedroom by 9pm and changing baby changed for bedtime. I'll wipe him down with a warm wet cloth and change his diapers and into his pyjamas. 
Changing station set up
9.30pm : Another feeding session... where I try to watch some TV at the same time.
11pm : Baby would usually feel into a deep sleep (on great days!) or I'll hold him abit and try to pat him to sleep. Once he falls asleep.. I'll try to get some much-needed winks too! Wh lau eh sibeh tired I swear. 
1-2am : Baby stirs in his sleep and makes noises so I'll feed him.
3am : Diaper change to get him to wake up and drink some more milk milk before he falls asleep and wakes up 45 mins later hungry. My hubby says Im force-feeding him ..say whaaat, box ur face. Crying baby at 4am is no fun.
5am : Another feed while I try my best not to doze off. (Note : Very hard)
So...... whats's your day like? :)
Motherhood is not easy man, to be frank. I have never survived on so little sleep in my life ever, nor have poo and pee on me so much before ....... 
But I see this face and its all WORTH IT.
Thanks for looking! xx
(Back soon, hopefully!) Emails replied, tags to be replied soon! 
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  1. It's so not easy being a mummy! Gosh didn't know they drink neh neh so many times a day! Lol! Jiayou pretty mama!

  2. Busy but still fulfilling.. Baby E is so cute can!!! Hope to meet you and him at events soon {not that I've been attending many recently haha}

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. wow, u really prep me for that. lolx. i cant imagine myself sleep deprived now

  4. Holly Molly!! That's a lot of feedings in a day!!!! Never knew babies need to be fed so frequently! Glad you are coping well. Jia You!! XOXO


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