Adapting to Motherhood

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

[Personal] So its been rather quiet around the house because everyone is so afraid to wake the baby up lol. I am trying to sneak in time to write a little here and there (sorry if Im not replying tags/emails and comments fast enough!) because every moment is so precious. My baby is growing up so quickly! It seems like just yesterday when we brought him home and now he is already a month old. Its really not easy this parenthood thing because we are all so new at it. Im actually more chillax than I think I would be - just last night while on night duty and changing royroy's diaper .. he decided to defecate on me. Poo literally shot from his a**hole on to my hand and pyjamas. I shrieked so loudly (half due to shock, half due to amusement actually) that his daddy actually JUMPED OUT of bed because he thought something bad happened! LMAO when he realized it was a shitty matter and we both just doubled up in laughter while our son just laid there frowning and perhaps wondering what happened to his diaper change. Anyways here's a smile from baby boy at about #3Weeks :)
Back soon xo
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