Elroy's Full Month Party

Sunday, April 05, 2015

[Personal] Hi guys! HAPPY EASTER! On Good Friday, we threw our firstborn a full month party with family and friends and I was so tired ZOMG I cant even. I've been planning this event BB (Before birth lol) and then I spent a bulk of my confinement period trying to confirm everything from the food to party planning to the dessert table. I know people will say Im kiasu but I tell u.. doing confinement is FREAKING TIRED everyday can. And on top of that u have to deal with a newborn so you only have a couple of hours per day to yourself. That is, if you include a baby attached to your boob.
Elroy's Full Month Party
We decorated the place with pictures for a personal touch

Since it was the Easter weekend, we had a Peter Rabbit theme and kudos to Ritz Carlton (Celest and Sharon thanks!) for the Pete Rabbit touches. 
I gave pointers to the team on the design of the invitation card and was pleasantly surprised to see it printed on the table too! Too pretty for words.
Easter mood
Rabbit rabbit ~
My dessert table 
It was a garden full of sweets!
Soon .. guests arrived and Im so glad to see everyone and have normal adult conversation after staying at home looking at baby 24/7! My girls Nadia, Jace, Fidelis and Esther!
Soo much love! With my lesbo here xx
All my wonderful friends who made it down to celebrate the joyous occasion ~ thank u! 
Relatives eager to see the baby
Cousins with their kids 
My pretty lesbo love carrying Elroy
Girlfriends of mine - I miss u all so much!
My 97.. 98 (?) *edited to add : 99! year old grand aunt with my cousin from overseas who was in town, yay!
My dear cousin Joey and her cutie cute children (She told me the boys were so excited to see didi and come to the party that they chose their outfits like weeks in advance lol)
Girlfriends and familiar faces, m sure you've seen them in my blog! Thanks my #Millysgirls for coming! Really appreciate the thoughtful gifts too!
My yoga mates Pat & Sel! I miss YOGA! 
My pretty Xinyi and Jon!
Darling girlssss! Val & Ber ber love ya both xo
Awww my secondary school classmates!
My Bestie! (The other one in Korea! Always bo eng when I hold party de kns)
Pretty group pic!
My extended family - all 4 generations of us!
First cousins .......
My old friend Kae who is preggy and wishing u a smooth delivery dear!
My usual kakis!
Blogger friends who mean the world to me! 
My mum!
My brunch/high tea girlfriendssss - oh how I miss our girly sessions!
My father-in-law with his pride and joy.
My cousin caught having a selfie with my mum and son! LOL
My fun friends!
I hope the kids all had wonderful time too!
I arranged some entertainment for the children at the party so I was very glad that my fellow blogger friend Alethea who runs http://www.partyparlorsg.com/ was able to provide face-painting for the kids! Thank u sooo much for your help dear and refusing to charge me anything! Very grateful indeed xx
She is soooo talented! I swear if I had the time I would have ask her to paint something on myself too
something like .............

Also at the party was Chin Bee (http://www.partyparlorsg.com/other-services/balloon-sculpting/) who did up all the balloon decorations and provided endless laughter to all the children! My friend said her son was already requesting for the same for his upcoming birthday party! Ooops ahaha! Btw her charges are quite reasonable so if you are looking for someone to decorate your next party (check out the helium balloons that spell ELROY with rabbits!)
Fun creations!
LiveStudios did our party pictures (they did our wedding too!) with live projection and also a digital guestbook!
Guests could simply write their well-wishes and I get to read it and compile it all in a nice book :)
Thank u all for the wishes! 
Xiaoxin YUNO write in a language I understand!
Stole a kiss with another boy ... dun tell my son!
Leaving u a picture with all my favorite rascals..
It was a busy day! But so much joy to introduce our firstborn to everyone! Great to see all my close friends and spend time with the extended family too. Hope everyone had fun but no more huge parties for me... need a break now ~ ahaahhah! Okies got to go! My little boss woke up (FML) suddenly and I need to go pacify him already! Take care and hope u enjoyed the pics! xo
*Edited to add : A hugeeee thank you to all my friends and family that dropped by that day and for all the blessings and lovely pressies for Royroy! Xie xie ni men!
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  1. HI Elaine,

    Have always enjoy reading your blog! Congratulations on this new journey of parenthood!
    I would love to get a pair of tickets!


  2. HI Elaine,

    Congratulations on this new journey of parenthood!
    I would love to get a pair of tickets!


  3. Hey Elaine, congrats! Looking sooo good! :) Enjoy the journey of Mummy-hood!

  4. Hi,

    I am interested with the Supermom event. Hence, i wish to have the free ticket.

    My name is Ang Pek Gee and email add is peggyang1984@hotmail.com.

    I would think i deserve the most to attend as i am a mother of two. My youngest one is only 4mth old so really need some break to have fun.haha..

  5. We had planned/designed/made most of the fun event details by the time that we hired this event planning lady, and she did a GREAT job coordinating with us and with all of the vendors to bring everything together to create a magical and cohesive environment for our event.

  6. Your party celebration is looking so lovely. I like your party planning ideas. Thanks for share this post.
    Event Planning Singapore


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