Munchkin LATCH Review - Spinning Drying Rack & Latch Bottle

Friday, April 10, 2015

[Review] Hi guys! Im back with a short review on one of my current most-used products at the moment! Heh.. but first I have to tell u its not my usual beauty product review coz almost everything I do now revolves around BABY. *Sorry ah...* - Insert housewife look - Enter the world of baby fairs and baby products ~ its like an entire world existed outside my previous one. 
Munchkin LATCH Review
To rid the world of tired and mundane products, Munchkin develops clever solutions that make parenting safer, easier and more fun.
To be really honest, I have not heard about Munchkin (then again I have never heard of many baby brands even before becoming a mummy!) but when they sent some products over for a review, I realized how pocket-friendly and rather innovative their products are. 

LATCH™ Spinning Drying Rack
The towel never quite reaches the bottom of those freshly washed bottles and cups, but let's face it, nothing works as well as air drying. The LATCH Spinning Drying Rack from Munchkin has two tiers and plenty of space for loading up to 8 LATCH bottles and accessories at once, allowing you to leave that towel behind - for good. 
The Spinning Drying Rack comes two tiered, with an option to place spoons or utensils in a 'cup' container at the top. There are also 'straw holders' that u can choose to bring it up and place a bottle in it, or lie it flat and put stuff as normal on the rack.
Because baby is on TBF (Total BreastFeed) currently, I would usually pump and express milk for baby especially if Im heading out for a short while and I need to prepare bottles so I find myself washing the many parts of the pump and milk bottles frequently. 
The Spinning Drying Rack allows me to place the items on it at ease.
It definately help save a lot of time (and kitchen paper!) as now I can simply hang the items and allow it to air dry naturally after steam sterilization. 
LATCH™ Bottle 
Reach your breastfeeding goals with the one-of-a-kind LATCH bottle and unique accordion nipple, easing the transition from breast to bottle and back. 
I received the Stage 1 nipple, which is suitable for newborns.
- Better LATCH: Proper LATCH is achieved when mom's nipple reaches all the way back to baby's soft palate. The accordion-style nipple on LATCH stretches like the breast, helping baby LATCH easily and correctly.
- Like the Breast: When breastfeeding, baby controls the flow of milk by applying pressure to the base of mom's nipple. The LATCH bottle mimics mom by releasing more breast milk as baby pushes against the nipple's base.
- Less Colic: While feeding, the accordion-style nipple flexes as baby moves her head. This allows baby to maintain her LATCH, thus decreasing ingestion of air.
- Anti-colic valve: The ant-colic valve located at the bottom of the LATCH bottle allows for breast milk to flow while ensuring air bubbles do not travel through the breast milk.
- Slow-flow nipple: Experts agree that the best transition occurs when bottle flow and mother's flow match. The LATCH Stage 1 nipple's flow has been reduced to mimic the flow of the breast. Stage 2 and 3 are also available, allowing you to increase the flow as your baby grows.
- BPA-free
I tried it out with expressed milk.
The unique anti-colic valve at the bottom of the bottle which promises to reduce the amount of air through the feeding process. I have never seen anything like this before! Interesting!
Baby took awhile to get the hang of it
I find the teat special as it mimics the way breastfeeding works by having an accordion-style nipple and allowing baby to control the flow of the milk. After using it twice, my baby had a better time trying to suckle the nipple teat and controlling the milkflow at his own pace. 
LATCH™ Bottle and Valve Brush
The Munchkin LATCH Bottle and Valve Brush, designed specifically for cleaning the LATCH bottle, features a unique conical design that ensures that even the hard-to-reach areas of your bottle are swept clean. 
This specially designed brush enables you to clean your LATCH bottle and valve easily and conveniently. I also use it on my other bottles with no issue. 
Hope you enjoyed the short review! I have many many reviews backlogged but I will find the time to blog more! Thanks SuperMom and Muchkin for sending some really useful items my way! xo
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Products featured in this post are press samples. All opinions expressed are of the author's. 

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  1. Hi pretty mama

    Just to share, by right after sterilizing the baby stuff, it should be kept in the sterilizer as it helps keeps it "germs" free and per sterilization i think it only keep the stuff "germs" free for "x" number of hours.

    Anyway, ultimately, it still depends on your threshold on how particular you are about the stuff being "clean". I know some are very but for myself (after 9-12mths), I stop using the sterilizer to allow my kids to build their own immunity.

    Enjoy pareenthood :)


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