CNP Laboratory Propolis Deep Moisture Pack Review

Sunday, April 19, 2015

[Review] Following my previous introduction to CNP Cosmetics from Korea (also see here : CNP kindly sent one of their most popular products, the Propolis Deep Moisture Pack for another review.. thanks Kat! I noticed this star product at the event launch as it has a rather unique fragrance, it reminded me of sweet smelling honey I suppose! So delicious! 
Propolis Deep Moisture Pack Review
Moist Honey Sleeping Pack
During sleeping hours, Madecassoside provides vitality to skin that has been exposed to stress and environmental factors throughout the day and helps to restore damaged skin. The Propolis Deep Moisture Pack is an intensive overnight hydrating treatment. Contains propolis extract to nourish and hydrate the skin while you sleep.

Instructions : Apply twice a week as final step of nightly skincare routine. 
Gently apply to cheeks, forehead, nose, mouth and neck. Pat with palms so that moisture pack is well absorbed. Wash off the following morning with lukewarm water.
Initial Impressions : The fragrance made this sleeping pack very pleasant indeed. It wasnt strong smelling or anything as it was rather sweet and light, really like honey! It also resembles honey with its light golden gel-like texture and it glided over skin easily. I preferred using a spatula to apply (coz it was alittle gooey and sticky) and to be honest I didnt go to bed with it although it's being touted as a sleeping pack. I just dun like the idea of rubbing skincare over my bedsheets but thats just me, hehe. I used it as a really intensive mask and when I washed it off, my skin felt soft to the touch. I think its a great overall product if you have dry and sensitive skin like mine as I did not have any adverse reaction using it. Use twice weekly as a basic hydrating mask and wash off after 20 mins - or leave overnight if you prefer. Available at all Guardian pharmacies, the Propolis Deep Moisture Pack retails at $48.90 (80ml)
For more info, please head to : 
CNP Laboratory Website :
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Thanks for looking, everyone! And thanks CNP Cosmetics for the lovely product! My skin has been so neglected coz Im so busy with baby but I try to squeeze some time for a quick DIY face mask and the Propolis Deep Moisture Pack is great for hydration and keeping my skin clear :)
Back soon! xx
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