Drawings By The Son

Saturday, December 10, 2016

I really ought to start a new tag called 'Random'. These are just thoughts that I would suddenly have, and being a busy SAHM .. sometimes I can sit down and open my computer, only to forget what I was going to type. #Truestory. Dun laugh lor. I used to think it was silly, but now I know the #struggleisreal
The son doesnt go to a full day school so we do stuff around the house to keep him occupied. I like letting him have free rein of what he would like to do or play, and on most days - if weather permits, we will go to the park or playground for a little fresh air. However, if it rains I have no choice but to try to do creative stuff at home. Like drawing.
A huge blank piece of paper and washable crayons always does the trick!
*Note : NEVER, I mean never ever leave kids alone with anything that has color. Unless u want your walls/floor/sofa/chairs painted .. 😁
And there is it .. his tiny masterpiece :)
Maybe coz Im his mother ... but I love it! What do you think?? 😆
Have a great weekend, guys!

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