It was my Birthday .. and the start of December 2016

Monday, December 05, 2016

Last week was my birthday week! Celebration all day err day. Haha just kidding... actually it was a super low-key birthday this year :) I just wanted to have a nice intimate meal and eat some cake. 😄
Dinner with hub, son and bestie.
I have always wanted to try Bread Kitchen for the longest time!
We made an early dinner reservation that evening 
By dinnertime, the place was buzzing! On a weekday, no less.
With most precious people in my life! (And missing one Shortie who cant make it tat day 😢)
I like how kid friendly Bread Kitchen is, they hand out a small play pack with color pencils and paper for the small ones to keep tem occupied. And even offered to serve his meal first!
But the son's favorite is still bread... Roti boy this one.
Antics while drawing
He loved their crispy breadstick!
Our starters to share 
A simple tomato pasta dish for the little one
Happy days
Here comes our mains 
Surf & Turf, Fish and Chips 
Crispy Pork Belly
Someone grabbed french fries off the table *TSK*
The aftermath
Mini Chef for the day!
DESSERTS is Stressed spelt backwards!
Making a wish!
I wish for good health to all.. and yes a quirky food grater as my birthday present too... #truestory #PresentfromBestie
U're weird but I still love u! 💋
Last but not least... kisses to the ones that has filled my heart with so much love. I thank you all. Esp to my hubby, who has been my silent rock through these years. 💑
Thanks once again for all the well-wishes ~ much much love for spending your precious time with me 💕 ~ and for those who left me a msg, or dropped me a line on FB, I thank u!
Good health, and happiness always.

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