Elroy Eats : Angel Hair Pasta with Home-Made Tomato Sauce

Saturday, December 24, 2016

On days where I dont have the luxury of time to make an elaborate meal - this is a really quick and easy recipe which I will cook for the toddler. I love how simple and fresh tasting it is, made wholly of ingredients that I can find in the fridge.
Its a vegetarian version today, but you can add any kind of minced meat like beef, pork or chicken for added protein. 
So what you really need are tomatoes since this is a tomato based recipe right ... LOL. Any kind will do, I like using cherry tomatoes coz they are so sweet and I can eat it alone (like fruit!) or use them in my salads as well. 
All you need is : Pasta (Any kind but I love using Angel Hair for this recipe) 
Any vegetable of your choice 
Italian Herb Condiment (Available at supermarkets) 
Unsalted Butter and a little Garlic for taste 
Simply heat some unsalted butter and fry some garlic 
Add minced meat at this point if you wish, or simply add the vegetables in the pan. Add tomato in and lower the heat. You can add a splash of pasta water and let vegetables simmer. A dash of Italian Herbs will add a little flavor to the sauce but go easy on it if its your bub's first time trying it. For kids, simple flavors work best. Stir sauce and add cooked pasta in, mix well and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese is optional. Serve immediately. 
And there you go! So easy to whip up and healthy too. I don't like the idea of using canned stuff especially when Im cooking for the little one and also, using fresh ingredients are more cost-saving because there are almost no wastage as we eat the same food in our own meals. 
The adults' version with the same vegetables on the side! Tee hee heee.
Cheers! (He insisted he wanted to drink from the champagne flute too ...😝)
Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Happy eating ~! 

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