Elroy Eats : Creamy Fusilli Pasta

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Im not sure if you know that we practice BLW here in this household , which is simply - Baby-Led-Weaning since Elroy was ready for solids - and that he self-feeds during mealtimes. So basically... its just another method of introducing food to a baby and instead of purees and porridges, the little one has mostly the same food as the adults, sans seasoning like salt and sugar. 
On some days I try to utilize food from the fridge and whip up something fast for the son and this simple recipe of pasta and milk has never fail to deliver! Its so simple, and he loves it!
All you need is : Pasta - any kind will do, here Im using organic rice fusilli
Cheese (I use a sprinkle of parmesan, with most of my pasta dishes) 
Peas, carrots and corn
Mushrooms, diced
Simply heat some unsalted butter, add mushrooms, vegetables and milk. Simmer and add boiled cooked pasta. Continue to simmer til pasta and vegetables are done to your liking. Sprinkle cheese over just before serving. Stir well and enjoy it hot! 
Bon appétit~!

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