My Mummy Group Christmas Party

Monday, December 19, 2016

I can't believe that this post took one year to pen down. Or rather, in reality I wanted to do up my mummy's group Christmas party ... that happened LAST YEAR. But I just never gotten round to doing it. Then life happened and I went on a small hiatus remember? And before I knew it, its almost the end of 2016 and we started planning for THIS year's party. LOL
Before I carry on, here's a #Throwback to last year! The babies look so different then.. ooh my gosh. They were tiny! Cant imagine how much they have grown in a year ~ and all the mummies look just as young 😄😜😁 ~ *Everyone say yes in unison please*
-Christmas Party 2016-
Lovely new place in the East! 
We booked the smaller function room coz the bigger one was taken but it was pretty perfect in my opinion! Nice and cosy and so accessible by the private lift that linked right to the room.
The mini buffet! We held the party during tea time due to schedule constraints so we ordered a smaller food selection but hor, end up also left over a lot of food ley!   
Although we planned this party rather quickly and hastily, Im so glad that everyone who RSVP-ed turned up! Coz with kids you'll never know who will fall sick/fever/fall down/sleepy want to nap so CHOY la. Happy that everyone came!
Thanks to one of my ingenious mummy friend who provided the playmat for the kids to play and roll on
And another for bringing activity boards to occupy the kids for a little while!
Awww the girls are so sweet!
Then I look over my shoulder and see my son ...........
Happily jumping like monkey. Yep. Thats him. #AntsInPants
Wah candid love moment caught on camera 😘
Handsome C face stunned sial! We laugh like peng I swear!!!!
Elroy be like, What, nobody hug me?? 💢
Ok got jie jie feed me eat. "Food is most important to me now, anyways."
More chaos 
"What is mei mei doing?"
Tula tutorial 😀 
We did it Secret Santa style this year!
Sorting the presents 
And .....
The person who gave me the present (we chose lots last year) ended up being my Secret Santa this year so that makes TWO YEARS in a row getting a present from Mummy J!!!!
To cap everything off ... Group picture of course!!!
Lovely lovely time spent with my Mummy group! Now looking forward to Christmas, spending time with family and friends and then more presents for the son??? He's been getting so many presents from kind friends, so so loved! I keep until buey hu lor.. so many toys at home lor, Wah piang nowadays kids all very hao ming ley..... Anyways! 
So much happiness this festive season. I wish you joy.

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