Playdate At Cool De Sac

Friday, December 16, 2016

Being mothers to young toddlers bursting with energy, my friends and I will literally try to exhaust all the stamina these little ones have ... with a morning playdate.
As we scout for fun places to go, indoor playgrounds are always a popular choice because its weather-proof and right after we can all go for a good meal and some shopping! #SoSingaporean
Although the risk of unwanted viruses lurk in these places, one must always be socially responsible and keep a close eye on the younger ones. When in doubt, just wash hands/mouth with plenty of soap. And if you or your kid is sick.. just dun bring them there. Or anywhere for the matter. JUST DON'T. 
My friend held her son's 1st party here in Cool De Sac, and I personally like how bright and airy this playground is. We paid $10.50 each per kid and its actually quite reasonable to me. The most expensive place is Pororo Park and its like half the size of CDS. Here they also have a fake treehouse kinda structure and bridge, which the son loves to walk up and down repeatedly. (Dun ask me why)
Admittedly, this area is for the bigger kids so I always keep a close eye on my young one without being too intrusive. I let him figure stuff out himself and I dun hold his hands.. lest he gets a false sense of security. I know I know.. its difficult as a caregiver to do so, but really - it teaches them to be careful and do things at his own pace.  
Elroy tries to walk but its too slippery! So he slided down AHAHHAHA Whatever rocks his socks la.
The toddler area 
Much lower slides with padded floors so I just observe from a distance
Mummy friends 💗
My DREAM play area! WAHAHAH nabeyyy I was so tempted to ask the face painter to paint a unicorn on my face 
Love love the fast food menu AHAHAHA
#BrosForLife #ShareFrenchFries #ActuallyTheySnatchingFood
Went for lunch after and then saw this!!!!!!!!!!
I want to carry the balloon stand and put in my room!!!!!!!
So fast! Weekend coming! Then its Christmas holidays and the start of 2017 ~ Wow.. still wondering where all the time went. Treasure your loved ones, happy holidays!👄

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  1. Nice!! Need to learn from you how to still wear so chio while breastfeeding lol! :p

    1. Haha no la! I like off shoulder or singlet kinda tops for easy access to BF, but then again Elroy drinks fresh milk now in the day - so I can buy a small pack from any 7-11 or supermarket and offer him that :)


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