CReeR Cleansing Water Oil In Review - No more stinging eyes! + GIVEAWAY! [CLOSED]

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

One of the most important steps to have clear skin is to make sure you remove your makeup thoroughly. Im fastidious about makeup removal, even though Im dead-beat tired, I will always attempt (the key word is attempt LOL) to remove my makeup, wash my face, slap on my moisturizer than head to bed. What if I told you that the CReer Cleansing Water Oil In promises to be 4-1?  Makeup remover + Facial Wash + Exfoliate + Tone all AT ONCE!???
CReeR Cleansing Water Oil In Review + GIVEAWAY
An innovative one-set makeup removing and offering the best of both worlds.
Formulated with Makeup Catching Micelles x Negative ION and from Japan's native Shimane prefecture, this 4-in-1 Cleansing Water Oil In (makeup remover, facial cleanser, skin care, lotion) will give you the privilege of your whole regime in 3 easy steps!
Fragrance Free, Paraben Free , Alcohol Free and Sting Free
● Gently wipe off makeup and keratin (dead skin cell) with just a cotton pad
● Contains Shimane Prefecture Hot Spring water, famously known for its Moisturizing  and Hydrating factors
● Specially selected mineral oil that does not leave the skin sticky or oily
● Cleansing is not required
Promising to cut short your daily cleansing routine, the CReeR Cleansing Water Oil In gently cleanses skin, leaving no sticky or oily residue.
I used my darkest eyeshadow for a quick test
Simply moisten a cotton pad with the CReer Cleansing Water Oil In 
Apply to skin with saturated cotton pad
Gently wipe off makeup 
No Rinsing required
Totally not oily!
Gone in a jiffy with no hassle
Tried it out with a full face of makeup (No Filter or Photoshop)
Shake the bottle, dampen cotton pad
Can u see the difference! I removed my eye makeup with such ease and there is no irritation or stinging! I use eyelash falsies and usually the glue is damn hard to remove but in this instance it came off with no effort! My eyes are not even red (they usually turn red when I come in contact with some makeup removers!)
The CReeR Cleansing Water Oil In formula special features are that it effortlessly removes waterproof makeup as such mascara and leaves a moisturizing, non-sticky finish.  
*** GIVEAWAY*** 
To win one for yourself, simply head to my Instagram :
 Like the picture and leave a comment! Contest ends on 1159 HRS 25th June 2017 so good luck to all!
CReer Cleansing Water Oil In 330ml is available in SaSa stores, BHG and at at $13.90 per bottle.

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