A-DERMA Exomega Skincare Range for Atopic and Very Dry Skin

Thursday, June 15, 2017

If I could describe my skin in two words, it will be 'very irritating'. LOL. Its oily on humid days, and then when I expose myself to too much air-con or cold climates, it gets scaly and dry .. somewhat resembling the Sahara Desert. With moisturizing Day or Night creams and hydrating masks, I can control and add additional relief to the skin on my face but how about my body? The skin we have is made up of three layers. The outermost is the epidermis, and in humans, it is the largest organ of the integumentary system. 
A-DERMA Exomega Skincare Range Review 
EXOMEGA is the specialist for atopic and very dry skin and the first product range to profit from the soothing and immunoregulating qualities of Rhealba® Oat Plantlets. Its formulas also contain Filaxerine®, a complexe of active ingredients exclusive to the A-DERMA Laboratories, to restore the skin barrier.
I have four products here that I have personally tried over a period of time and first let's start with the Soothing Foaming Gel. Not only did I try it on myself as it so safe, even my toddler started using it! 
Soothing Foaming Gel
Soft and creamy foam, delicately fragranced for the entire family. Soap-free, does not dry skin, protects skin against the effects of hard water.
Ideal for the most dry and sensitive skins, I use this on my face in the shower and my skin feels soft after. I love the light scent, very refreshing!
Emollient Cleansing Oil
Daily hygiene care for atopic and very dry skin. Infants, children, adults. Emollient, silky texture. Soap-free Suitable for even the driest skin
Perfectttttt for those days where my skin feels like its sandpaper and in desperate need of care. This cleansing oil cleanses gently yet its soap-free so it doesn't strip my skin of moisture further. I use it every 3-4 days in rotation of the normal cleanser. Gentle enough for my 2 year old too! Esp if we have been heading to the pool and swimming always makes our skin feel so dry!
Moisturizing Body Lotion 
Emollient care for very dry and atopic skin. Infants, children, adults. Fluid texture, for moderately dry skin. Ideal in spring and summer
This lotion is right on my vanity table where I will just apply after a shower, or even absent-mindedly apply while .. like now?? LOL doing up my blog posts! Its light and the lotion absorbs immediately, with no sticky after feel. The scent is also refreshing, smells so good! 
Emollient Cream 
Emollient care for very dry and atopic skin. Infants, children, adults. Onctuous, creamy texture. The worldwide best-selling product of the A-DERMA brand 
Sealed for quiality assurance 
- Rhealba® Oat Plantlets Extract → Calms irritations and soothes the skin
- Filaxérine®, a unique combination of an inducing substance of filaggrin and omega-6 essential fatty acids →  Helps restore the cutaneous barrier
- Vitamin B3 → Action on intercorneocyte cement
- Glycerin →  Hydrates
This is A-Derma's best-seller and I can easily see why. If you or your baby have dry sensitive skin, and like me - always in air-con, this is a LIFE-SAVER. Its gentle properties means its safe enough for the whole family, yet the ingredients work hard at delivering moisture. Its cream texture means alittle goes a long way and I love to use this on my drier skin areas like my elbows, knees and even on my heels! Having no time to go for a regular pedicure, my feet always feels so dry but the Emollient Cream works well to make them silky smooth again. I also use this on my toddler and it sinks right in, with no stickiness after!
Overall its a very good bodycare range suitable for the whole family especially if you have dry sensitive skin. Its even gentle enough for babies and the price point is really reasonable for the quality. All products are made in France and A-Derma has a wide range to suit different types of fragile skin. Also, A-Derma practices an ethical and biological culture - the Rhealba Oat is grown exclusively in Southwestern France and cultivated organically and according to strict norms of biological agriculture, which means there are no fertilizer, no pesticides or fungicides. Its also Non-GMO and made with recycled organic material and rotation of cultures. 
I trust that A-Derma is safe enough for my whole family, babies included! 
A-Derma is available at Watsons, Guardian and National Skin Center. Prices start from $10.10-$39.90.
For more info, please head to : http://www.a-derma.ca/en
Products was provided to me for a review, opinions are my own.

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