Jujube SEAPUNK Minibe x Trunk Show at MothersWork!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

ATTENTION MUMMIES and JJB FANS! 💥 If like me, you are hopelessly devoted to buying anything Tokidoki x Jujube - then here's a quick look of the new #SEAPUNK collection coming to our shores very soon! Mark your calendar (Die-hard enthusiasts would already know this I guess...) 26th June 2017! The official worldwide launch online will be on the 27th June but there are TRUNKSHOWS before the launch so you can get your hands on this collection BEFORE everyone does! Awesome!😍
Tokidoki x Jujube Seapunk Launch  
Seapunk Minibe
Im so thankful for Motherswork for giving me this opportunity to be a Content Creator for this launch so I can present to you a first glimpse of the SEAPUNK MINIBE! 
Seapunk is the second version of the highly coveted Sea Amo, with a dark aquatic navy blue background with new sea characters from the popular Tokidoki range. Expect to see beautiful Mermicornos and Mermaids amongst the usual favorites such as Donutella and Latte. 
The outer zip color is a dark blue, which blends perfectly with the sea theme! Personally I love it coz this color is gender-neutral and highly dirt-resistance! (God knows how much we put our diaper bags through!) 😝
Admiring all the lovely sea creatures on my Minibe!
Once you unzip the bag, the Neon pink striped lining pops right out and its such a pretty burst of color! I cant even~~~~~ (I LURVEEEE PINK SO MUCH) 💟
The Minibe is such a perfect little handy bag for my toddler and it packs such a punch!
He absolutely loves it as much as I do!
A small and lightweight bag for the whole family, I love how handy the size is and once again, do you know that all Jujube bags are machine washable? Simply pop one in a laundry bag or pillow case and put your washing machine to delicate mode! Remove and turn the bag outside, hang or dry flat (not under direct sunlight if possible) - they are too precious to me! 😜
Hope you enjoyed the pictures! 
Im also giving away ONE CHANCE TO SHOP PRIVATELY for 45 minutes before the official trunk show starts! *CLOSED* So if you are interested, do head to : https://www.facebook.com/Sugar7733/photos/a.318265011606083.68710.135753973190522/1286209588144949/?type=3&theater - Remember to put your profile to public, Like, Share and Tag to stand a chance! Contest ends 18th June 1159 Hrs and GOOD LUCK! 
Motherswork Official Trunk Show : 26th June 2017 
Time : 3PM
For more info, please also head to : Motherswork Facebook Page
Psst Mothersworks are also giving away 10 VIP priority queue passes to the trunk show so do join here : https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154870696228406&id=279234993405

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