Marine Cove Playground at East Coast Park - Our Weekend Play Time

Monday, June 05, 2017

Living in the East means we are lazy people who try not to venture too far on weekends (Read : Town) coz #lazyislazy. Luckily we have our trusty East Coast park to always fall back on when we feel brave enough to get our week's quota of sun, sand and sea all in one place
Marine Cove Playground at East Coast Park
The one weekend we decided to head to Marine Cove has to be the hottest day of the month sial
We got there by 9-ish and IT WAS SO FREAKING HOT all I wanted to do was to curl back up in my air-conditioned room and hide under the blanket
But of course the 2 yo loved the swings and slides so much he kept saying PLAYGROUND! I WAN GO PLAYGROUND! *Pengz*
His favorite! "Mama SEEE-SHAWWW I wanna sit the seee-shaw!" 
After all the playground action, we took a stroll along the beach but the bubs wasn't too impressed .. Or maybe coz we didn't have any beach toys with us that day. He usually love scooping sand and trying to go into the waters
Tired, hot like siao and famished we went to Coffee Bean for breakfast
Ahhhhhh fresh milk tasted heavenly to him 
He chose his own kids meal coz it came with a side of fries I guess. Mama and Daddy helped him finished it before he could though! 😋
"Hmmm why my fries getting lesser and lesser ah?"
I love how baby-friendly the restaurants in ECP are! There's baby chairs easily available, diaper- changing areas and even a kids area for the toddlers to play while the parents eye power them from a distance! Look how happy someone is!
Gleefully playing while Daddy finishes his breakfast
So colorful! Elroy was going, "Blue.. red.. green, ye-loh..."
Overall we did have quite a lot of fun that morning and parking was quite stress-free and pretty near all the restaurants and playground. I only wish they have some other restaurants with better brunch food or slightly healthier Asian options (Need my teh-si-kosong) coz the food at Coffee Bean was expensive and unappetizing, quite bleah. Would really be happier with eggs and toast from Ya Kun or something LOL.
Weekend is over again! So fast! Poor boy is still nursing a cough and fever, hope he gets well soon so we can go explore other playgrounds ~ Get well soon my son! 😢

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