Our Tula Mummies Meetup at PS Cafe

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Another #throwback makan session with my Tula mummy group! We've been through so many Tula stockings and Jujube launches ... we actually saw the decline of BST (buy/sell/trade) go from market value to retail value to below retail LOLOLOL💢 But most importantly we have been through pregnancies .. some of us started with one kid and now there's more! Love how our group gatherings keep having new babies! That day we met with the newest member of the group ... Little baby Gwen! 👶
PS Cafe At Palais 
Son belike, Mummy can faster take picture anot
Gigi belike, How come u all got fries but I dun have ley???
The two toddlers looking at our food 
Sorry my inlaw (- inlaws coz we force matchmake our kids ROFL) start eating liao
The cakes there MUST ORDER. And must share the piece so big, dunno where to start
Licking his fingers coz I gave him a small piece of cake 😝
The star of the day! CUTIE PIE BABY GWEN!💗
Miss baby smell!
It was a short but fulfilling meetup with cake and coffee! And truffle fries zomg I cant resist. Missing the other girls but we have another June gathering soon so cant wait! 👄

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