Simple Celebration for BFF's Birthday at FoxHole Cafe

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Amidst our busy lives, we always make time for people we truly love. 💓
FoxHole Cafe
Even though it was a weekday morning meetup, we kinda all trooped down to Foxhole Cafe (coz its kinda near the Shortie BFF's house) for all day- breakfast and a mini birthday celebration for the other BFF.
Foxhole Cafe is situated in Hougang heartlands, around a 5 minute walk from the MRT station. Parking space was ample in the building, now known as The Midpoint - also previously known as Hougang Plaza. 
There are empty units along the whole row of shops but if you follow the unit numbers, you will be able to locate the cafe rather easily. 
Our plus 1 for the day, my cheeky Godson!
The shops in this area here seem to have a 2 storey concept, order on the first floor, take a number and proceed upstairs for seating.
Delectable croissants and cake on display 
Head up to grab a seat
There's a small self-service area where you can grab a glass of water before taking a seat.
Although it looks small downstairs, the second area is refreshingly airy with a high ceiling and a huge UNICORN! Which of coz we proceed to #takepeekture 
More camwhore
Although the cafe was pretty empty, we waited a tad long for the food but I guess coz it was rather early and the cafe was short-handed with one staff. Since FoxHole Cafe's are by The PourOver Bar, I had to try a cuppa Flat White and it was aromatic with no bitter aftertaste. One of the best Flat Whites that I have ever tried locally! 👍  Also, when the food arrived, it didn't really disappoint!
Carbonara Spaghetti 
Mushroom Soup
I really enjoyed my Croissant Chili Crab, filled with a hearty amount of filling and the spice level was perfect for a chili fan like me! It definitely had a kick yet didn't overpower the taste of crab!
Classic Ham and Cheese
The BFFs! 👯
Kiss for the Birthday Girl Auntie 😜
We LOVE you so much! 👄
I pray that your wish will come true! (Coz I know what it is WAHAHAHA) 😈
Lovely morning spent with loved ones! #family
Two decades of friendship and still as irritating as ever. Love ya! xo 💕
#FriendshipGoals #BFFs #BeenThroughSoMuch #WeStillFeelLikeTeenagers 
Happy weekend to all! 

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