Attending A Lightning McQueen Theme Birthday Party

Monday, November 13, 2017

Although Im doing an extended confinement (40 Days) I have to admit boredom got the better of me and over the weekend on Day 38 I 'broke free' and headed to Gel's boys birthday party! The boys love Disney's Cars so she DIY-ed the whole party based on the show ~ super dedicated! 
Attending A Lightning McQueen Theme Birthday Party 
Happy Birthday dears! 💕
Held at Pasir Ris chalet, there was a buffet spread in the spacious house 
This fried rice tower is super cute! I forgot to ask the host if someone made it or came with the buffet 
Elroy was eyeing the dessert table the whole day 
All the goodies in the theme of Cars 
The toddler ate Oreo for the first time! Its a party so I pang chance ....
Blow the candles
Looking at this pic, I realize the whole dessert table look damn HUAT with everything red lol
Happiness... is all the goodies and toys from the party 
I love my new Tula FTG (Free to grow) carrier man, so convenient for the 1 month old and Im so accustomed to using an SSC, its like learning to ride a bike all over again. Feels good! Baby slept through the whole party so it was really a god-sent 👐. The only thing is he's abit young so I cant nurse him in the Tula yet, but I should try again when his neck is really strong. Maybe I should have a separate post on this FTG. Been getting quite afew DMs asking about this :)
Singing the Happy Birthday song 
Inlaws lol
Pose pose
We ownself zhi high, TITW 
One super funny incident happened, after Elroy ate the cake he wanted to head home and when I asked him to say bye bye to 'wife', he refused and ran away. Then gua gua.. his '68' cry .. oops!!! LOL!! 😅😅 Her mummy got to distract her with cake ahhahaha somemore after tat her daddy heartpain she cry over a boy #Heartbroken
Fell asleep in the car!
Wore my favorite Blue Strips Nursing Dress (get it here) from and quote Sugar73 for 10% off all purchases 💓
Thanks for looking! xo
ps. Its crazily busy these days with a toddler and a newborn but my heart is so,so full looking at them. Everything is worth it. Thats for sure. Jia you all parents! 💪

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