Baby Elric's Full Month Party

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Looking back at Baby Elric's Full Month party, I realized how nua I was because besides the dessert table, I only planned everything like 2 weeks prior to the date whahahahhaha #SecondBabySyndrome. I remember planning for Elroy's party (Click Here to read #Throwback) like while I was preggy but I guess after planning a couple of parties already.. I got lazy and complacent. You know they say "Last minute hug God leg?" Me lor. ๐Ÿ˜
Baby Elric's Full Month Party 
My Donutella inspired 3D backdrop was DA BOMB~!!! Like I cant believe how pretty and gorgeous it looked in real life! Everyone was gushing how cute it looks.. even when they have never heard of Tokidoki LOLOL
Kudos to FairyFloss for doing such a lovely job - Feel free to DM me if you wanna know which package I took and what it comes with. 
Everything was just so cute - I KENNOT
While the backdrop is done by FairyFloss, the desserts are from their partner, Celebrate With Cake. I got to choose from the range of flavors for the cupcakes etc.
Cant stop taking pics 
Once again, to be 'fair' ahem.. we threw the celebration at the same venue as Elroy (just different area)- Ritz Carlton hotel. This is in the Chihuly Room. We have 12 tables of ten here. 
Our VIP table set up was beyong my expectations! 
Only Celest and team can be so detailed! 
Donuts for life 
Outside Reception (Machiammmmm wedding liddat rofl) Thank you my lovely and thoughtful friend Milly for your balloon stand! So cute la.. me carrying Elric! 
My ever wonderful friend Lilo for the coffee table book with the pictures she took for me for the Gender-Reveal shoot.. thank you!
Along with our professional pictures from Jen Pan Photography 
Some of the door gifts that I prepared for the guests. Note to self.. please order more for the next full month party (if there is ever a chance) Because box so cute is it I dunno who take how many although I have sources telling me some people take more than they should. Honestly I cant be police at the party.. I mean its fine to take it if you like it.. but come on la at least take one or two enough ba.. when you take for everyone in the family.. like 5 people come means take 5 meh.. U really think wedding ah? I felt so bad when some families dun even have a single one! But oh well.. we move on. Im sorry if you didn't manage to get one ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
For those who didnt turn up for the party but gave me gifts, I prepared my FoodLine Baby Full Month Vouchers just for them! 
These vouchers from are really super convenient and not only can you use the voucher at over 64 participating outlets located all over Singapore, there are even new cake shops added every week. 
Not only that, there are merchants to provide cakes to my guests which are worth more than the value of the voucher! Definitely worth the value!
The vouchers are really cute and your guests are not restricted to a single shop! Book yours through and receive 10% off for orders above $200. Use code ‘ELAINEFL30B’ and receive $30 off any catering order on with a minimum spending of $300, valid til April 2018. 
The buffet
I adjusted the menu alittle to provide some fun party food for the little ones. I know Elroy enjoyed the mini pizza and nuggets a lot! Not the healthiest but once in awhile ya!
Red eggs 
Ang ku kueh
Can we talk about the desserts please???
I also want to mention how sweet my BFF is .. she gave me a surprise by arranging with Ritz Carlton to add desserts to my buffet on her own account (She's in this line)! YUSO sweet! 
Heading back in.. the guests are starting to arrive
Kids and adults cant resist these sweet treats!
While the baby sleeps in oblivion 
My church pastor  and wife with my parents 
Godsis and god BIL
My sweetest friend Yan, thanks for coming love
Cousins for life!
My little rock star Baby Aiden 
Elroy and his wife LOLOL
"See your 60 so yan tao right, good choice good choice" says her daddy 
Kim my "K-pop" star and her cap lolol
My Donutella buddy Stace
Uh oh.. Elroy likes older jie jie?
My lovely friends and family who attended the party .. thank u all for coming! ๐Ÿ’–
My little Donutella DIL, love u so much! ๐Ÿ’‹
Aww cactus boy???  
The fried fish skin was quite a hit with everyone at the party I heard! Leia you eat until very shiok liddat LOL
My beloved SQ ex colleagues! Papa why u so act cute with the cupcake lolol
Secondary school mates! Love u girls so much!
My Daddy and son awwwww
Fabulous friends 
My sweetest Jamie thank you so much for coming and Aunty toooo! 
Cya at RJ and RK's party this weekend Gel!
These two so cute la!
Loveliest and people that always have my back, love love ๐Ÿ’“
Can you feel my love for u Milly Xu! HAAHHAHA *inside joke thks*
Godsis and cutie pie nephew 
Dearest first cousins! 
Time for balloons!
The first one to chiong 
Cutie pie Naomi!
I also got a Magician to entertain the children!
Thank you once again my lovely friend Alethea and her ever reliable Party Parlour  - a kids event planning company that I have been using since Elroy's full month party and they have never failed me since. Always on time with prompt replies, very professional at any event. I got the package, Magician and Balloon Sculpture, you can DM me if you would like to know the price but I think its on the website too. They have several packages depending on what entertainment you prefer to have for your parties. 
He was a hit!
The kids enjoyed the magic show!
Thanks Gil for dropping by!
Beloved uncle and cousin๐Ÿ’˜
Love this pic of Jac!!!! Soooo cute eating lollipop!
My favorite girls!!!! Thank you all for being a part of my life babes.. from blogging to being friends and going to each other weddings and baby parties! Looking forward to more!
My huge group of cousins and families!
My sweethearts, all looking so gorgeous and pretty! Thank you all for coming and good luck to the kids having exams! Thank yoy for taking time off to attend our little party! ๐Ÿ’—
My BFF #forlife and missing one Shortie xo
Gwen arhhh Gwen my cutest little baby girl! #Lastwarning for your hair to faster grow kthx LOLOL 
My favorite Aunty!!! Jamie mummy is the coolest grandma! Thank you Aunty so shang lian come Elric party and I hope you had fun!
Ritz provided a baby cot... to keep the monkeys in LOLOL
Cant stop smiling at the pics while looking back!
I think my BFF sibeh happy that day coz I got to remind her to stop drinking AHAHAHHAHAHAH
Lastly a huge THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME ~ it means the world to me to be able to celebrate this joyous occasion with family and loved ones. Im sorry if the place couldn't accommodate everyone...  and if we didnt have much time to talk to everyone, but still from the bottom of our hearts thank you all for coming we appreciate it so so much!
I caught a picture of my hub trying to be funny! He literally walked with the prop! Wahahahha say put at home as carousel ahahahahah basket make me laugh only
I will take this instead! *Kiddinggggg* If the props disappear got to pay hor. I really kena "fined" for missing items thanks ahhhhhh. If u brought something home from my party, please buy me a meal kthxbye
Thank you to those who saw me and very give face say I slimmed down, actually besides my regular Jamu sessions during confinement, I wear my Ultimate Postpartum Original Bikini binder from Wink at : I also get my maternity bras from them (Link : and feel free to use my discount code "Elaine25%" for 25% off all purchases! #JinWuHua
Jokes aside.. a huge thank you for all the ang pows, presents, thoughts and well-wishes!
On behalf on Baby Elric .. Thank you, thank you ๐Ÿ™
Hope you enjoyed the pics! xo 

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