Elroy's Year-End School Performance

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

If you have been following me on my Instagram stories - recently I did some DIY hairband that is supposed to look like a pig character for the toddler's year end school play for the parents. It was hilarious trying google pinterest for similar head gear .. and then digging my closet for workable stuff so we dun need to spend money to buy material LOL #Cheapoparents
Elroy's Year-End School Performance
Their Music Specialist Miss Yolanda choreographed the play to the likes of the popular story - 3 Little Pigs and even the song 'Baby Shark'. But due to the size of the class.. there was ALOT of pigs la. So it became a party of pigs instead of just 3 lonely ones. 
The son kept singing this song 'Walking in the Jungle' and he took upon himself to walk round and round the 'jungle'. Kudos for not having stage fright! We had eye contact several times but he just went about doing his own stuff and role playing even when some of his classmates froze in the middle of the 'stage'.
These 3 frogs (passer-by characters?) were so cute! 
Wayyyyyy funny seeing pigs, frogs and even butterflies 
I didnt manage to take pictures of the Big Bad Wolf but it was such an enjoyable performance by the toddler group! Short but super entertaining and we had alot of laughs seeing how the kids (try to) act! 😄
Mummy is so so proud of you my little one! Feeling emotional knowing that you will be in Nursery 1 next year, in a new class, with new teachers and classmates.. 
But you will always be my baby. 
I 💓 you

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