Introducing the NEW Jujube Be Pumped Diaper Bag

Monday, November 06, 2017

Hi guys! If you're a breastfeeding mum like me, you'll be glad to know that Jujube heard you! Its about time they did a range of diaper cum pump bags because as a fellow pumping mum, I feel youuuu! Although I usually pump at home, I know there are sooo many components to keep, wash and store. Cant imagine if I have to frequently carry all those out and about. Truthfully its not an easy journey and I salute FTWMs who pump just to give their baby precious liquid gold! 👏 Now you can head to work in style with your pumping equipment! Hows that for some retail therapy too??😅
Introducing the NEW Jujube Be Pumped Diaper Bag
This new style is called the Be Pumped and will come in this print, also known as The First Lady - and a modest all-black style, called the Blackout.
Here's a body shot (Im 158cm short lol)
Each Be Pumped will come with a mini fuel cell, a change pad and a wet bag 
Be Pumped 
It also comes with its own messenger strap 
The mini fuel cell is the cutest size! Its even smaller than their current Be Ready, and about 2/3 the height of the current Fuel Cell
The new Wet Bag is a handy washable bag that has a waterproof inner lining
The changing pad is non-padded though, similar to the change pads you will get in a Hobobe 
Pump Bag Packing List
Here's my personal pump bag packing list. Lets see how it fits into the Be Pumped!
My Medela Freestyle is portable and lightweight and goes in easily in the side compartment of the Be Pumped. Very very discreet side compartment. 
I can even place my nursing cover in together and there are still lotsa space! So Spectra mummies, I think your pumps will fit this perfectly.
The front of the Be Pumped has two pockets, good for putting easy to retrieve items like wet wipes, sunglasses, keys and wallet.
The flat wet bag packs a small punch too. You can place your used pumped parts inside when you are done, or just use it as a small pouch to put your stuff.  Here I placed my milk bags, nursing pads and marker (to write date and time on the bags) together in the wet bag.
This is how the inside of the Be Pumped looks like. 
The mini fuel cell is made of an insulated material, so you can place several bottles in with your ice pack. And it goes in the Be Pumped perfectly as you can see. 

There's 3 milk bottles and it has space to spare for ice packs to keep your breastmilk chilled til you get home.
I reckon the Be Pumped can double up as a pump bag cum diaper bag if you are out with baby too! There's still plenty of space and front and back compartments that I havent even utilize. The Be Pumped is smaller and lighter than their current Be Prepared, and I find the designer very similar - save for the side compartment for the breastpump. I think it works great as a diaper bag even when your pumping journey ends, and it's more structured than a Superbe.  
The Jujube Be Pumped will launch worldwide on Nov 7th and retails at $249.
Thanks for dropping by! 

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