Little Rainbows Dreams - Christmas Edition Mon Chéri Box

Friday, November 03, 2017

Woots ~ we are in November now and its my favorite month (being my birthday month!) and then its the holiday season soon! I personally love festive seasons like Christmas because its a time to gather and spend some time with good friends and family. Although I was busy in confinement tending to the newborn and almost forgot about the upcoming holidays, Little Rainbow Dreams sent a personalized Christmas Edition Mon Chéri Box for my toddler! Aww thank you! Didi has been receiving many presents from loved ones and now its the older brother's turn! 😆
Little Rainbows Dreams - Christmas Edition Mon Chéri Box
This  LRD Mon Chéri Box is the perfect unique gift for a Magical Christmas with your little loved ones! Each box can be personalized with their name on the Christmas book which will delight any kid 💚
Mon Chéri is the French for "My darling."
Cutesy Christmas stickers 
You can choose a stamp from their 4 designs available 
This Snowland DIY Kit looks promising! Lets see how it turned out!
Personalized book with Elroy's name on it!
Do you believe in Santa?
When I gave the box to Elroy, he was so excited! He kept chanting, "Mama open my present open my present - I want to open my present!" 😅
The first thing we did was to do the DIY Snowland Kit in the box!
Instructions are straightforward but because its a glass jar, I helped my 2 year old with it
He stick the tree in the cover by himself though
And he pour the glitter into the jar and then I added water and closed the lid tightly
Elroy looking all pleased with his 'presents'!
Then he bugged me to read the book
As part of the story, the stickers came into good use now coz he gets to stick it on the Christmas tree!
He enjoyed the book alot! He kept asking me "Where Elroy?" In the book lor!
I find this a really special and personalized gift for the toddlers and its a great way to pique their interest in books and reading. We enjoyed the bonding session and Elroy asked alot of questions about Santa and Christmas. Its a good learning experience and I took this opportunity to tell him that Santa only gives presents to good boys - LOLOLOLOLOL 

As LittleRainbowDreams is having a 15% early bird discount $57.80 (U.P. $68) , valid till 19 Nov. As lead time is 4 weeks so do place your order early to have LRD Santa deliver your Christmas gift by Christmas! Click here to get yours today :
For more info, please head to: 
Little Rainbow Dreams Website :
Little Rainbow Dreams Facebook :
In addition,  LRD is having a Christmas event in Christmas storyland, 18 Nov, 3-5pm at Bove. Do sign up early as there are limited slots! Join LRD for a immersive weekend of storytelling and fun-filled activities. Make this Christmas a magical one for your little one with LRD magical Christmas collection!
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